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Australian PM Morrison and the QAnon conspiracy. Is he a Believer or Deceiver?




Rudd on Morrison

Morrison’s QAnon ties


Hemp is just an amazing material – check some of these articles out


Built from hemp – powered by hemp bio-fuel. Built by a firm in Florida.

Meanwhile, in Australia (with the resources of an entire country) the best we can do is lambswool toilet-seat covers.



Working on the photos shot at the Forrest Place (WA)
School Strike for Climate Change (more going up…)

We are on the march, prevented from going down St Georges Terrace (Home of Perth’s corporate planet-killers) by armed Mounted Police.







In case you thought Labor had lost the plot after the election.

You were right.

Anthony Albanese has stared down a challenge from Labor MPs to oppose new legislation to stop animal rights activists targeting farms – warning “vegan terrorists” were not a Labor constituency. What next Albo “jaywalking terrorists?”


My piece on Scott Morrison and
his unholy war on the poor


This old Labo(u)r warrior speaks out…

Personally I have had enough of Labor. As an opposition they have done little. Not particularly exciting in government either.

My advice? Vote progressive parties first. Then Labor.

Put the LNP and other political rockspiders last.


Don’t swallow the “you’re wasting your vote” or “you’ll help the LNP get in” twaddle favoured by our political duopoly.

Get active with a minor progressive party in your state/territory and move some people who are not owned by vested interests into power for a change.



World Suicide Prevention Day (as I write 10th September)  and the psuedoChristian Morrison is on about new ways to stigmatise and oppress people on unemployment benefits. Naturally, the mainstream media are in full cry. Apparently they have little respect for the general populace’s intelligence. Probably due to their success with similar otherism campaigns. Most notably Muslims, Black African gangs and Climate Change scientists.

“Jobless Junkies” probably my favourite insult of the day – Daily Telegraph

Big deal news. Government corruption continues unabated and unreported by Murdoch’s stable of journalists. Billions wasted on shonky defence acquisitions and inflated refugee and “terrorism” costs.

17 people applying for 1 job. Yet we are to believe if only Newstart recipients would lift their game… That what? Jobs would materialise?

The LNP government are only interested in creating jobs that fit their ideological criteria. Remember our car industry anyone? No bailouts/subsidies there. But 4.4 Billion to assist shady multinational Adani to mine coal.

Have to feel sorry for this guy. The Herald Sun clearly have a very intrusive investigative team. Judging from his physique, probably in the pre-junkie phase. Which we know, thanks to the Sun’s prejudice confirming journalism, won’t last for long.


8+ deaths each day by suicide in Australia on average (8.57)

Of course if you’re Indigenous you are twice as likely to die by suicide. I say “of course” because as well as being selfish, uncaring and politically atavistic, Australia manages to be cruelly racist too. We lie about it and even come up with “compassionate” rationalisations, such as we stop refugees coming by sea to prevent drownings. Sure we do.

Then we torture them in our offshore gulags and deny them medical treatment.