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Andrew (Twiggy) Forrest | Class, Connections and Corruption



LNP donors and vested interests behind Australia’s sudden interest in nuclear power


Australian PM Morrison and the QAnon conspiracy. Is he a Believer or Deceiver?

Still waiting on the MSM to broach this subject

Rudd on Morrison

Morrison’s QAnon ties




Hemp is an amazing material – check some of these articles out

Built from hemp – powered by hemp bio-fuel. Built by a firm in Canada.

Meanwhile, in Australia (with the resources of an entire country) the best we can do is lambs-wool toilet-seat covers.


Political change needed – End the Duoploly!

My advice? Vote progressive parties first. Then Labor.

Put the LNP and other political rockspiders last.

Don’t swallow the “you’re wasting your vote” or “you’ll help the LNP get in” twaddle favoured by our political duopoly.

Get active with a minor progressive party in your state/territory and move some people who are not owned by vested interests into power for a change.








Boycott companies that support Sky News

A community initiative to make racism, bigotry, misogyny and climate change denial less profitable

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