Australian PM Morrison’s link to hacker and “domestic terrorist” group

Thread: We can reveal the close friend of the Prime Minister’s in today’s breaking story was involved with & linked to a group who claimed to have hacked the federal government’s email systems in February of this year.


The PM’s close friend exchanged text messages with the group in late 2018 on how to pass on information to the PM. The group befriended the PM’s close friend online. One member Eliahi Priest, was arrested in April of this year & detained after a tip-off to the federal police.
Priest has claimed among other things that he has stock piles of uranium that he can use at any time against the enemy and that in February he hacked into federal government email systems*. The friend had this man staying at the family home. (*a claim without evidence)
The PM’s close friend also claims to have influenced the Prime Minister’s speech on the National Apology on Oct 22 2018. According to our source, the PM’s friend spoke of his influence for weeks before the apology & how the PM would be using the QAnon phrase “ritual child abuse”
The PM’s friend has regular contact with the Prime Minister. The PM’s close friend uses his tweet platform to brag about his influence with the Prime Minister & how he alleges PM is in with the alt-right extremist alliance QAnon. He’s also tweeted from inside Kirribilli House
The PM’s close friend claims he has regular access to Kirribilli House and to the Prime Minister. The extremist group that befriended the PM’s close friend also included the American alt-right figure Isaac Kappy who committed suicide in May this year. One of his many tweets



More text message exchanges between the Prime Minister’s friend & the extremist groups. Yes, correct: This is a man who sits at the dining room table with the Prime Minister of Australia and then goes home and tweets out about infiltrating the government.
There is much more on this story. It’s enough to say on the claims that the man is not a threat to national security or to the Prime Minister’s family – we will let the evidence speak for itself.
“The FBI has previously warned that QAnon could act as a potential motivator for β€œdomestic extremists” and last year Reddit banned one of its main QAnon threads for repeated violations of its content policy, warning it would not tolerate content β€œthat incites violence, disseminates personal information, or harasses” users.” (Source)
About Morrison’s mates
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