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Ronni Salt recently broke a story about the QAnon group associated with our PM, Scott Morrison. The possibility of a crazy conspiracy ring like QAnon having an influence on our Prime Minister piqued my interest.

First I checked the mainstream media (MSM). The Guardian ran a piece on Morrison’s QAnon mate but it seemed a little less hard-hitting than usual.


Morrison and his QAnon Alt-Right extremist mate Tim Stewart (@BurnedSpy34)


I initially put that down to the subject matter which automatically creates credibility issues, but later found myself agreeing with Jordan Shanks’ (freindlyjordies) view that it was a below par article by Guardian standards.

The Guardian comment that, “There is no suggestion that the families’ close relationship has influenced Morrison, or that BurnedSpy poses a danger,” sounded as though “legal” had gotten involved.

This statement by Tim Stewart went unchallenged, “BurnedSpy told the Guardian he had never sought to speak to the prime minister about QAnon. “I have never spoken to Scott about anything of a political nature. I’m not an adviser. The idea of me talking to him about this … it’s just not true,” he said.”

This protestation of veracity is from a person who accuses Ms Julie Bishop of being involved in a paedophile ring because she wears red shoes. Does the Guardian believe that too?

Mr Stewart’s assurances that he self-censors his obsessive, outlandish beliefs when talking to his mate the PM are clearly not credible. It’s not as if Morrison shuts up about his.

A little research would have pulled up these contradictory facebook posts.


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Similar posts between Morrison’s mate and members of an alt-right conspiracy group can be found using the links provided.


How about this statuary declaration from Eliahi Priest?


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– Snippets –

“…passing information to Prime Minister Morrison & also attempting to influence the Prime Minister politically.”

“I confirm for the record that Mr Stewart did in fact pass several letters to Prime Minister Morrison through his wife Mrs Lynelle Stewart.”

“Mr Stewart also confirmed to me that he had briefed Prime Minister Morrison in writing.”


Newsweek (American) also ran a piece on Morrison and his link to alt-right conspiracy kooks, but we have heard  that our MSM have been prevented (to date this has neither been confirmed or denied) from reporting this extraordinary access to our PM by a right-wing conspiracy promulgator. The PM’s office is apparently citing family privacy.

The Big Smoke also queried why this story was being repressed. “Why is the media not reporting on the fact that a long-standing friend of the Prime Minister has hard ties to a conspiracy group that the FBI has said could “inspire domestic terrorists”?”


Lynelle Stewart and the “ritual” inclusion for PMs speech

Burnedspy34’s wife Lynelle Stewart is a childhood friend of both the Morrison’s. She introduced them when they were children at a Luna Park church outing. Lynelle now has a high-paying, publicly funded  job on the Prime Minister’s staff. We are told she does not share her husband’s views.

Sleeping Giants raised some questions about this job for a mate.


Eliahi Priest claims that Lynelle Stewart  texted Scott Morrison (at her husband’s behest) to include the word “ritual” into his national apology to Australian survivors and victims of child sexual abuse. This apparently would be a means to “quietly signal” to survivors of Satanic ritual abuse.

I believe Eliahi Priest. Despite his strange belief system and the government’s attempts to question his mental stability when Mr Priest has no history of mental problems. Eliahi’s beliefs are no less based in reality than our PM’s American-based Pentecostalism.

Morrison’s use of “ritual” was totally incongruous. There is nothing ritual about opportunistic child rape.

“The crimes of ritual sexual abuse happened in schools, churches, youth groups, scout troops, orphanages, foster homes, sporting clubs, group homes, charities, and in family homes as well.” (Morrison)


Morrison the adman

These are the facts

    • Morrison is well aware of his henchman’s endeavours.


    • Mr Stewart an intimate, long-time friend of Morrison is Australia’s prime disseminator of QAnon conspiracy theories. This is not a coincidence.



Occam’s razor dictates that not only is Morrison aware of his bestie’s activities, he is also involved in them.


Why? The same reason Trump who he admires and emulates amplifies QAnon. Morrison sees the advantage of creating a base along the same lines as Trump’s. People who will blindly follow, vote and disseminate hateful, often racist disinformation that benefits Morrison and his billionaire backers.


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Morrison’s LNP government have been in power for 6 years.


Q. Is Morrison capable of such a manipulative and dangerous strategy? After all he is Prime Minister of Australia and claims to be a devout Christian.

A. Yes. Morrison is Prime Minister thanks to some very ugly tactics which further dispel any illusions that his claims of being a Christian* are true.


Independent media vs the “State’s” media

Morrison’s use of QAnon propaganda for political gain and his close association with Australia’s greatest practitioner of that dark art, Tim Stewart (@BurnedSpy34), would be a serious story in Australia, were our media not owned by the wealthy people who benefit from Morrison’s (Aus)terity based neoliberal policies.


The Australian Coalition Government and the Rupert Murdoch empire, the “shocking” jocks and the Right-wing ideologists are limiting any chance of informed public debate in this country.

We in Australia, sadly, are moving towards the news access of those who live in the “democratic republics” of Korea and of the Congo. (source)


A close association between a Labor Prime Minister and some nutty conspirator would have sent the Australian press into a feeding frenzy, particularly if an attempt to suppress media interest had been attempted. Mr Stewart’s obvious lies would then have added fuel to the fire and ensured Opposition questions and a press contingent parked outside his home.

The blatant politicisation of our media and now this attempt by Prime Minister Morrison to create an Australian version of Trump’s right-wing, racist fan base is undemocratic and a danger to all of us.


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*People who look after the poor, the aged and sick have this Atheist’s respect.