The Federal ICAC that asset-stripped and imprisoned Dutton (thanks Victor – New Liberals) motivated his family to change their name and move to NZ. After his release, Dutton was often seen in the company of far-right extremists, the only people who still gave him the authority he craved – (Wish fulfillment exercise)

An article vindicating my stance on Dutton’s massive Christchurch fail has surfaced

“Police in Victoria admit a focus on Isis-inspired terrorism meant the online presence of rightwing extremists such as [Australian White supremacist mass murderer] was not “front of mind” before the Christchurch massacre.

But national security agencies are now better placed to monitor rightwing extremists, the Victoria police deputy commissioner Ross Guenther said, while warning that individuals, rather than groups, remained the main threat.” (source) 29 Mar 2021

One of the constants in my political analysis, has been the belief that Peter Dutton (or Potato head as many of his kinder detractors call him) holds responsibility for the failure to prevent the Christchurch massacre due to his “racist tunnel-vision.”  Prior to this tragedy Dutton was head of a newly formed Home Affairs ‘Super Ministry’ composed of Police and intelligence services charged with surveilling and harassing journalists, lawyers, whistleblowers, political activists and trade unionists… …and purportedly protecting Australia from “terrorists”. Put simply, Dutton’s obsession with Muslims blind-sided him to the reality that White Supremacists (indeed Whites) could perform acts of terror too.  



Decades now, of Islamophobia in our media and in our political life”

This is a comment I left on an article about the Christchurch massacre.  

Australia’s response to the Christchurch massacre was totally unacceptable Dutton (Home Affairs) was in command of a newly-formed Super-Ministry of lntel and Police I believe, given Dutton’s anti-Muslim fervour, that his racist tunnel-vision contributed to the tragedy The anti-Muslim rhetoric from our Liberal National Party (LNP) government only stopped after Christchurch The refusal of our Labor opposition (and our cowardly politicised media) to censure the LNP and demand Dutton’s removal says much about Australian mores The sight of Morrison, our dog-whistling PM, feigning compassion for Muslims was disgusting  


“The two key figures in Australian politics that have done their best to inflame discontent are the current Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, and Minister for Home Affairs, Peter Dutton.”


“Following the Bourke Street attacks in November last year, the then Treasurer (Morrison) clashed with senior Muslim leaders and drew their condemnation when he stated that they were “continuing down a path of denial” and “making their communities less safe and more vulnerable” after community leaders declined Morrison’s private invitation for a meeting.

Morrison fuelled the flames further within Australia’s Muslim community by then stating:

“But here in Australia, we would be kidding ourselves if we did not call out the fact that the greatest threat of religious extremism in this country is the radical and dangerous ideology of extremist Islam.” (Source)






I also posted comments along similar lines on Twitter…    


  …and in my article devoted to the karmic justice of Dutton contracting Covid-19  

Same pathetic lack of response by Labor to Dutton’s racist tunnel-vision and constant support of white supremacist hate that contributed to innocent people being slaughtered in New Zealand.

“Everyone who spews vile, hateful rhetoric have their hands tainted with the blood of the victims from the mosque attacks in Christchurch” (Source)

  It’s not that I have a better grasp of political realities than mainstream media, intelligence agencies or indeed politicians, it’s simply that their role is to coverup and enable the perpetrators of these failures. What about the Labor Opposition? Labor’s policies are also neoliberal and they are beholden to the same corporations as the LNP for donations and lush sinecures after politics, so essentially an Opposition in name only. Labor have supported every repressive law the LNP has enacted since 9/11, recently signing off on the ASIO bill. Labor have even created a Shadow Minister for the Orwellian Home Affairs Super Ministry. While Keneally does her best to rail against the “extreme right wing threat” growing in this country, it always seems constrained given the enormity of Dutton’s Christchurch blunder and even ironic, from a Labor party that has itself moved Right.  

Dutton’s history of escaping censure compounds his idiocy

So did this vile, race-baiting ideologue learn anything from his tragic blunder? Of course not. That is the crux of his arrogant, self-excusing psychopathy, an inability to learn from mistakes that mentally stable people possess. Warnings about right-wing extremism from top intelligence officers received a “left wing lunatics” conflation/balance response from the ideologically driven Dutton, who illogically declared that “leftwing terrorism” included Islamist extremism.  

“Peter Dutton has declared that “leftwing terrorism” includes Islamist extremism after being blasted by Labor for applying false equivalence in the national security debate.”source

 You would think the homophobia, misogyny and the belief in a supernatural deity that Islamic extremists share with Dutton and the LNP, would have driven home their Right Wing credentials and their unsuitability to be aligned with the “dirty lefties” Dutton reviles.


Dictators and other authoritarian types really don’t appreciate people mocking their blatant ignorance, so it was no surprise to see ASIO come out with the following tortured overhaul of its descriptions of extremism”  

“ASIO is changing the language it uses to describe violent threats, because it says the current labels are “no longer fit for purpose.”

This means terms including “left”, “right”, and “Islamic extremism” will be avoided.”

 ASIO adopting Dutton’s ideologically framed world-view of terrorism and expunging the embarrassing references to the Right Wing extremists the LNP have nurtured and protected, was clearly based on political considerations.* Unfortunately, when state agencies become politicised, policy and procedure becomes subservient to the incumbent government’s political agendas.



The Right Wing ideologist who sets a fascist tone

One has only to hear Dutton ranting about Left Wing protestors, while ignoring the Nazis marching in our streets, to see the ugly fascist bubbling beneath the milder fascist facade he displays to the public.

“Protesters who disrupt traffic should have their welfare payments cut and be subject to mandatory jail sentences, Peter Dutton has declared, as conservative MPs continue to lash out against climate change protests.”

This type of inflammatory messaging from Dutton – always directed at the Left – ensures  police treat Eco, refugee and Black Lives Matter protestors with little regard for their rights and safety.  Conversely, Nazis are treated respectfully by the Police, who share the Nazi love of guns, uniforms and symbology as well as their negative attitudes towards Aboriginal people, anti-fascists and environmentalists.  



Even without the sight of quasi-Nazi groups assembling in our streets, the growth of American cults such as QAnon and the eclectic sovereign citizenry movement are more than enough evidence of the spread of Right Wing ideology in Australia. Despite defining the dangers of Right wing extremism in Australia, the Christchurch massacre is rarely discussed by mainstream media in relation to these Right Wing movements, whereas animal rights activists are tagged “vegan terrorists” for comparatively mild trespass violations and traffic disruption.   

“A 74 year old vegan has been questioned by the Australian Federal Police after objecting to the use of the term “vegan terrorist” by her federal senator.” – source


Not only has this incompetent, demagogue been responsible for the worst terrorist incident to originate from Australia, he continues to amplify the signifiers of fascism that brought us inexorably to that day.    

This meme points out the fundamental sameness of Nazi racial purity speak to the LNP’s nationalist tripe

Dutton should have been sacked for his dangerous incompetence long ago and yet we see him lurch from debacle to debacle unscathed, thanks to a politicised media, a timid (often complicit) Opposition and a propagandised populace.   Dutton is now in charge of our Defence forces and has already made his singularly ridiculous, ideological mark upon his new captive audience – but that’s another story in the making.    




*Once the Dutton face-saving exercise was safely out of the way, ASIO increased their focus on Neo-Nazis.

The Christchurch tragedy and the United Nations warning (amongst many) that white supremacy and neo-Nazi movements were becoming a “transnational threat” made this the only logical course of action. Defence have probably adopted the same “humour the fool and circumvent his follies” strategy.