Jordan Shanks, “If that tree was not there before colonialism – it’s a tree”

Tim Buchanan  – “Friendlyjordies defending cultural genocide against Djab Wurrang and making racist jokes about The Dreaming” (Video)



@friendlyjordies racist attitudes towards us on full display during NAIDOC week


Claims that no sacred sites can come into being post invasion. This reinforces the racist beliefs that our Cultures are past, dead and unrecoverable.

This is the colonial wet-dream in which the DAILY LIVING aspects of our peoples & all harms done to us are put into a convenient ‘prehistoric’ ideological category. Pushing denial is core pillar of cultural genocide (ongoing). It goes hand in hand with the physical destruction.

Racists like FJ (Friendly Jordies – Jordan Shanks) want us in a museum, not growing and healing ourselves on our land that he sees as ‘objectively’ and ‘scientifically’ conquered. Note how racists like FJ try to hide value statements about our cultures and sites within ‘objectivity’ and ‘science’. This is an old strategy.

Modes of western ‘science’ have always been used for genocidal programs. From phrenology to eugenics, to blood quantum & our stolen generations (ongoing).

This nesting of hardcore white supremacist ideas have always found a home in colonial cries of ‘science’ because it allows them to codify their own supremacist ethical frameworks (values) under the cover of objectivity posturing.

Denigration becomes an untouchable predetermined given within this racist worldview. Harms and abuses are swept aside as unimportant while all efforts are made to delegitimise any critical voice coming from those directly involved. It’s SCIENCE! after all.

I also find it pretty telling that FJ wants to pit our creation stories against the existence of megafauna. Again erasing us from our 50,000 years+ coexistence with such amazing animals.

This is just another rendition of the Terra Nullius (empty land) fantasy that colonisers have always used to collectively try and eradicate the oldest continuing cultures on the face of the planet… us.

Us! And that’s powerful. We are still here and always will be. We will protect and make new sacred sites. We will continue our Cultures as daily living things. And we will mobilise to protect what is there.

@friendlyjordies you need to do much better. I’ve been watching since the early days. I was there as the student union Environment officer when you tanked hard at Newcastle Mayday function for Hunter Workers because your whole bit revolved around telling 70yr old unionists stroke jokes

(12 mins of a 40min set before walking off). I ran into you excitedly in Chinatown, in line for cream puffs. You were beyond awkward at being recognised, before your channel boomed.

I’ve seen you move gradually into more important and effective political work, into journalism.

I’ve seen you uphold Michael West and the amazing work done there. I’ve seen you drive to rural communities so you can listen to people on the ground, so you can amplify their voices and values. Why do you lack even a basic effort when it comes to our struggles and the complexities?

Djab Wurrung is a perfect example of bad policy, planning & exclusionary decision making that does not represent Djab Wurrung people. It’s clear cut destruction of Cultural sites based on misrepresentation through opaque groups RAPs (Registered Aboriginal Parties) and heritage bodies VAHC (Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Council) that have no independence.

Yet you seemingly couldn’t give a fuck and use what is utterly disturbing for a lot of us as a springboard for a racist spray that demeans every single Aboriginal person on this continent.

Do better. Do some solid thinking on this one. We don’t need another white YouTube gronk shitting on us. We need people to do that deeper work of unpacking their racist shit while using what platforms they have to actually listen us on the ground.


Always Was, Always Will Be

Happy #NAIDOC week.


Tim Buchanan 11/11/2020

Feature image from NAIDOC


If you believe Indigenous culture ends, where colonial culture begins, you’re a racist – Celeste Liddle