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Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison is no Christian. His public displays of preaching and praying are enacted in an American-style, Pentecostal church, centred around a prosperity doctrine that worships Mammon. An inverse interpretation of the teachings attributed to Jesus Christ, who advocated for healing the sick and helping the poor, rather than eroding their healthcare and destroying their livelihoods.

There is no place in Morrison’s belief system for the righteously angry JC overturning the tables of the money changers, who had (much like Morrison’s church) turned a temple into a market place.

In Morrison’s eyes, poverty is an indication of general moral unworthiness. As Treasurer he described the unemployed as the “taxed nots”. A judgement of economic contempt he does not extend to tax-dodging corporations who can depend on his government for subsidies and grants.

An example of his government’s largesse towards corporations is fossil fuel subsidies in Australia which have reached $29 billion per annum or $1,198 per person. An expensive handout ignored by the government and their media mates, because that would negatively impact the government’s donor base and the crony capitalism they embrace.


The fossil fuel influence and revolving door opportunism have become so blatant, “…over 150 former and current politicians, political advisors and bureaucrats have either moved from the fossil fuel and mining industries into public office or vice-versa over the past decade.” (From the essential Michael West)


Australia, with unlimited sunshine and wind, is now lagging behind other countries in the alternative energy stakes, because of the symbiotic relationship between government and fossil fuel corporations. We are the fourth-highest producer of coal energy in the world and coal accounts for about 70% of Australian energy production.

The environmental damage – the loss of focus/jobs in the alternative energy market, the health hazards and subsidies for coal, far outweigh any benefits from fossil fuels to the economy.

Surely turning God’s most glorious handiwork Nature, into a parched landscape devoid of life and beauty is the work of the Devil?

A man bereft of Christian morality

Morrison is a person who has clawed his way into the PM’s job, with no regard for those he has trampled. He seems entirely unimpeded by decency and ethics.

A career dotted with well-paid sinecures, sackings and large payouts does not logically equate with Morrison’s public utterings on welfare and work.

Clearly Morrison sees his good fortune as a God-given entitlement, one espoused by his Pentecostal church, which “…assumes that health and prosperity is a sign of God’s blessing and sickness or poverty a sign of divine disapproval – even punishment.”

It certainly explains his contempt for the poor and homeless in Australia, if not his claims to be a Christian.

The destruction of fellow LNP member Mr Towke’s reputation to gain party pre-selection (with help from the media) and the model of an Asian fishing boat inscribed with the words, “I Stopped These” on his desk, gives a clear indication of Morrison’s mindset.

Photograph: Lukas Coch/AAP

A delight in stopping refugees from countries that Australia assisted to destabilise through military intervention, is eminently unchristian. As is his use of racism as a political tool.


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Mainstream media’s crusade of demonising the unemployed

The unemployed have always been a target of misinformation and vilification by the Liberal National Party (LNP) through their puppet mainstream media (MSM).

The interests of the mainstream media magnates are aligned to those of the LNP, which are essentially to take as much money as possible from the cash-cow we call Australian society. Tax breaks and spurious grants to News Ltd sweeten that particular propaganda pot.

The government whose job it is to manage the economy and create employment, benefits hugely from this misdirection of blame. Stagnant wages, removal of penalty rates and a 24 year old freeze on Newstart (unemployment) payments, have guaranteed the downturn in retail businesses we are experiencing. Put simply, people can’t spend money they don’t have.

The video below demonstrates how fair treatment benefits the economy.

The following images are a recent example of the propaganda directed at the unemployed by the mainstream media.

Ms Walsh from Channel 9 insults infirm and injured workers and those unable to move from home at the PM’s whim, as being lazy burdens on the economy. Ms Walsh features Scott Morrison on her Facebook logo and is an avid fan of Ms Bishop, a former LNP politician noted for her parasitic clench on the public purse.

Labeling welfare recipients as socially worthless cheats, has become a mainstay of channel nine’s reporting.

The West Australian (and a host of mainly Murdoch owned papers) use the same tactics of blaming unemployment on laziness and poor character, rather than a government more concerned with enriching the already rich, at the expense of job creation.

This continuous vilification of people who suffer the gravest social disadvantage is useful to instill schemes that further increase profits for LNP favoured companies. The detrimental effect it has on often desperate people, does not bother these self-proclaimed Christians a whit.

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