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You’re up next New Zealand – Do us proud

Been arguing on Twitter about the events at Keen-Minshull’s (Posie Parker) “Let Women Speak” tour in Melbourne. From my stance as an anti-fascist/racist activist who’s been arrested and carted away from protests by police countless times


Just for the record, I’m pro-transgender rights (much ado about FA from the alt-Right) but believe everyone – except Nazis – has a right to free speech and protest: usual hate speech and violence exceptions.

Obviously, that’s a problematical stance – what isn’t?

Here are some extracts from a New Zealand article about the events at Keen-Minshull’s “Let Women Speak” tour in Melbourne on Saturday. I chose a New Zealand source for a little distance and objectivity. It’s also where Keen-Minshull is going next.


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New Zealand did very well indeed – 25 March 2023

Gender activist Posie Parker spotted at Auckland Airport after rally shut down by protest.

Parker – real name Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull – was doused in tomato juice and forced to leave the stage before being escorted to a police car through a hostile crowd.


A statement from Speak Up For Women said the Let Women Speak gathering in Wellington has been cancelled.

“Keen-Minshull’s security team have advised her that they cannot keep her safe from mob violence and the police have declined to do so,” a spokesperson said. – Gender activist Posie Parker spotted at Auckland Airport after rally shut down by protestNews Hub (NZ)


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“About 30 men from the National Socialist Movement marched along Spring Street in Melbourne at an anti-transgender rights rally on Saturday afternoon.

The black-clad group repeatedly performed the Nazi salute and held signs calling transgender people offensive names, leading to violent clashes with hundreds of counter-protesters.

Liberal MP Moira Deeming, who was photographed at the rally with organiser and British anti-trans activist Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull, said she was disappointed Victoria Police let the masked men into the buffer zone.

“Police managed to stop hordes of TRAs [trans rights activists], but somehow could only walk masked men past us [sic]… they did a horrible Nazi salute,” she tweeted.

The federal Greens said they wrote to Immigration Minister Andrew Giles to call for Keen-Minshull’s visa to be revoked ahead of her “Let Women Speak” tour of Australia, citing her followers’ alleged involvement in violent rallies.

In a joint statement with rainbow community, multicultural, women’s and other groups, Equality Australia chief executive Anna Brown suggested neo-Nazi and anti-trans ideologies had much in common.

“They target vulnerable minorities to incite hatred and fear,” she said. – Neo-Nazi crackdown on the cards in Victoria after Melbourne clash – 1 News (New Zealand)


Nazi provocation

“DESTROY PAEDO FREAKS” proclaims the Nazi banner. The inference is obvious. Transgender people molest children. It’s a common slur directed at them by far-Right propagandists with no basis in truth.



It’s an accusation that should be directed at the types who vilify transgender people for existing.



A lawyer is using her TikTok to expose the pedophiles arrested in US each week and, surprise surprise, despite what some right-wing pundits and politicians would have you believe, none of them are drag queens. For the past few weeks, attorney Kristen Prata Browde, of Browde Law, has been using her social media account to outline the weekly list of people arrested in the US on charges of child sexual abuse. The series of videos are an effort by the #NewYork lawyer, who is outspoken in her support of LGBTQ+ people, to prove that #dragqueens are not a threat to children. So far, her videos have summarised charges against 30 religious figures, one school official and three politicians. But not a single drag queen. Her most recent clip was posted on Monday (13 March) and outlines nine youth pastors, one #CatholicChurch official and one school librarian. Speaking to PinkNews, she explained that the idea came to her after a speech by the former president of the #Florida LGBTQ+ Democratic Caucus Stephen Gaskill. “He started reading names of priests and pastors who had been arrested” and “have me the source of his data and I started going through that data, and I thought, ‘Let’s just look at the last week.’” What she found was that, across the week starting on the 21 February, there had been 17 total arrests that had made the news – none of which were drag queens. “There are lots of cases that fly below the radar, but you can bet that if a trans person or drag queen – or a #policeman or #pastor – is involved, that’s an elevated thing. She also mentions the legal battle against Republican Idaho lawmaker, AaronvonEhlinger, who was found guilty of raping a former intern. The anonymous intern was 19 when she reported that the former House representative raped her in his apartment in 2021. After once again proving that no drag queens have been responsible for child sexual abuse charges over the past week, Browde emphasised that it had been almost a month of making videos and no drag queens have harmed children, despite accusations by #rightwing pundits. #uspolitics #queernews #trans #csasurvivor #gayrights #dragqueenstoryhour

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Police don’t treat Nazis the same way as progressive protesters

This is hardly a controversial view. The violence and misuse of the Law we see directed at progressive activists by police are rarely (if ever) directed at far-Right groups.

Pleased to see some media address this…

Aussies outraged over neo-Nazi presence Numerous Australians were quick to share their horror over the “disgraceful” scenes, with many criticising police for “protecting the Nazis”.

Police remove a protester during a transgender rights rally, involving opposing neo-Nazi protesters, outside Parliament House in Melbourne. Numerous Aussies have criticised the police for their handling of the incident. “Never thought I’d see the day in Australia that police shove and manhandle people protesting in order to protect marchers giving the NAZI salute,” one person wrote.

“This is terrible,” someone else said, while another added: “This is wrong on so many levels”. Disturbing scenes as neo-Nazis and protestors clash in Melbourne – Shocking footage shows transgender rights protestors being held back by police officers. – Brianne Tolj – Yahoo! News/AAP


The kinship between police and Nazis was very evident in the ’80s in Western Australia. This mutual respect was seen in other states too, where issues such as Asian immigration, homosexuality and the arrival of ‘Sex Shops’¹ were opposed by members of both groups.

“Van Tongeren’s (WA’s Nazi supremo) own account of the situation notes that “in the summer of 1987 the Police pretty well left us alone. In some cases, they actually encouraged our plastering up teams in action, even the Skinhead teams – and Skinheads and Police rarely get on well together. Many Police vehicle patrols must have seen our teams in action, but let us carry on”. – Far-right terror: Perth’s 1980s ‘fascist revolution’ by Vashti Fox – Red Flag

The Victoria police went to great lengths to prove the validity of the view, that they prefer Nazis and Terfs to pro-transgender activists at the “Let Women Speak” tour in Melbourne.

Not even a bunch of Nazis Seig Heiling on the steps of Victoria’s Parliament was seen as cause for arrest by the Victoria police.

It wasn’t an offensive act? – (Elsewhere I compared it to pissing on an ANZAC’s grave) – It wasn’t an inciteful act? It didn’t disturb the peace? I’m sure there is a swag of other laws that could have been used by police if they had a mind to. Instead Victorian Police protected the Nazis and assaulted pro-transgender activists.



A Victoria Police spokesperson stated three people were arrested. All pro-transgender activists.

One could almost believe the event was orchestrated with the collusion of Senior Victoria police.

The cocky surety of the Nazis? Their seeming unconcern at the large police presence? Their confidence in an uninterrupted march to the steps of Melbourne’s parliament? It’s as though they had foreknowledge of the Victoria police’s lack of intent in disrupting their fascist flow.

Just a friendly head’s up to Dan (Victorian Premier) and his Labor comrades: If your police force allows Nazis to Sieg Heil on the steps of your parliament, you’ve probably lost control of them.³

Police, military and Nazis

There is a natural affinity between our armed forces, police, Right-wing politicians and Nazis. I’ve already pointed out the “kinship” shared over various issues but other reasons for this ideological dovetailing are more difficult to combat.


Soldiers of hate: Army investigates neo-Nazis in its ranks – By Nick McKenzie – WAtoday

The guns, uniforms and regimentation. The worship of flags and militarist ideals.
The shared role in defending a Capitalist society built on racist genocide.

White supremacy and otherism are easily planted in such fertile ground.

The army tended to attract right-wingers, he added: “You don’t find a lot of Greens or leftists in the military, not to mention anarchists.” He didn’t seem to think much could be done to change that.” – (Judge presiding over German neo-Nazi case.)

Sociologically, it’s apparent. To the layperson, it’s apparent. It’s why people were discomforted by Border Patrol purchasing weaponry and being draped in Hugo Boss-style black uniforms. The militarisation of police² just adds another layer of “discomfiture” to people concerned about creeping fascism in our police forces.

Despite Marles carrying on as though a Nazi influence in our police and military is an issue that’s just emerged, it’s clear this is a long-standing problem. We have seen similar happening overseas.

“When German police raided Philipp S’s home in 2020 they found a cache of weapons, many of them stolen from the special forces unit he was part of. The arsenal included a decommissioned AK-47, 2kg of plastic explosives, a smoke grenade and more than 5,000 rounds of live ammunition.

Two members of the network had been compiling hit lists of politicians. They also bought body bags and quicklime

The non-military material was equally disturbing: several back issues of Der Freiwillige, a magazine published after the second world war for former members of the SS; photo- and songbooks issued to the SS; and a collection of vintage postcards with slogans such as “We thank our Führer”.” – How right-wing extremists infiltrated Germany’s armed forces – Peter Kuras – The Economist

Interestingly, we learnt that in parallel to the Australian experience with the SAS, “Commandos in this unit are five times more likely to have right-wing extremist convictions than the average soldier, according to Deutschlandfunk, a German public radio service.”

One wonders what other parallels might lurk beneath the surface of Australia’s military and policing cultures.



¹ Read a few books about the relationship between police and Nazis back in the ’80s.

² Big respect for Jude McCulloch longtime admirer of her work.

³ The reaction from politicians – now talking about banning Nazi salutes – demonstrates how badly the Victoria Police let them down. Not to mention the public and the pro-transgender activists being provoked and insulted by this fascist display.


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