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The Zionist web of deceit

UK born David Collier who describes himself as both an award winning Investigative Journalist and “100% Zionist”, first caught my attention on social media, where he was distorting contemporary reality and revising the historical record of Palestinian struggle.

One of his “awards” is from the Algemeiner Journal a Jewish newspaper based in New York – for being one of the ‘top 100 people positively influencing Jewish life’.

Another from the pro-Israel “media watchdog” CAMERA which gave David a ‘Portrait of Courage’ award.

Even a cursory investigation of Mr Collier quickly reveals him to be a minor part of an extensive web of global Zionist pressure, brought to bear on news outlets, non-governmental organisations, academia and governmental entities.


In Fathom, a journal which promises “a deeper understanding of Israel and the region” David is given a shining review


“I battle back against those who seek to revise history, demonise Israel – and I expose antisemitism wherever it is found. I fight when others don’t” – proclaims the heroic Mr Collier. Certainly a more flattering interpretation of his actual role, which entails demonising opponents of Zionism and fabricating evidence of anti-Semitism.

“Collier was a source behind several smear stories about “Labour anti-Semitism” which the mainstream media published around the time that Britain’s main opposition party held its annual conference in September. (2017)

Collier’s blog contains a considerable amount of virulently anti-Palestinian racism” How racist blogger David Collier infiltrated the Labour Party – Asa Winstanley – Electronic Intifada

Most Neo-Nazis are pro-Zionist

Tony Greenstein
1 doesn’t hold back in his assessment of David Collier who he describes as “…the ‘Independent Researcher’ who accused Corbyn of anti-Semitism and keeps company with White Supremacists, Neo-Nazis and Islamophobes.”

“No fascist, racist (or anti-Semite) is too extreme for him as long as they are pro-Israel. Tommy Robinson and his supporters, members of Britain First and the EDL (English Defence League), even veteran fascist Jonathan Hoffman. All are welcome under Collier’s big tent. The only qualification is that they must be 100% in support of Israel and today most Neo-Nazis are pro-Zionist. For example Richard Spencer, the founder of the alt-Right, calls himself a ‘White Zionist’.” 2 The Lies and Deceit of David Collier – When Everything is Anti-Semitic, Nothing is Anti-Semitic – Tony Greenstein’s Blog


Zionist “fact checker” CAMERA – Everyone is anti-Semitic (except me and my monkey)


A viciously insidious Zionist lobby group whose only saving grace is a clever acronym


CAMERA has branches “…in major cities, including New York, Chicago, Fort Lauderdale, Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco, Philadelphia, and in 1988 established a Boston chapter and office”. It’s hard to believe such an acutely single-issue (Israel can do no wrong) organisation having the resources for such reach and longevity. A cynic might suspect US/Israeli government involvement.

CAMERA has a global reach and like all Zionist voices, argues that any criticism of the US-backed Israeli human rights abuses (unto genocide) is based on an anti-Semitic rationale.



According to CAMERA just about everyone is anti-Semitic.


Jewish Voice for Peace “It’s an anti-Semitic hate group that masquerades as a Jewish peace-promoting organization.” – “…a fanatical anti-Israel group and a leading proponent of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign to toxify Israel. As CAMERA has documented, the group disseminates the most vicious smears against the Jewish state, including blood libels.”

ABC Australia “…one-sided”

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), “Doctors Without Borders.” – apparently “peddling Hamas propaganda” via PBS

Amnesty International“…indicating support for deadly terrorist attacks, war crimes, and the elimination of Israel”.

Cable News Network CNN (we are told have an “obsession with Israel”) – In reality: ‘CNN Runs Gaza Coverage past Jerusalem team operating under shadow of IDF censor’.

The Guardian “…failure to uphold any shred of journalistic standards.”

Agence France Presse “… largely whitewashing Palestinian Arab violence and responsibility for the conflict.”

The Washington Post“Pro-Hamas bias”

Haaretz “Most Israelis recognize Haaretz for what it is, an ideological newspaper with a far-left editorial policy that appears more interested in advocacy than in objective news gathering.”

BBC “…grievous lack of objectivity and double standards in news reporting about the Jewish state”.

The New York Times “continues to eschew objectivity and employ a double standard in its coverage of the Arab-Israeli conflict” – (“Hamas Stenographers” no less)

Numerous Universities (World-wide)

Sky News – “shameful coverage”


CAMERA UK even has a blog devoted to campus issues

Associated Press News “…continued embrace of Hamas propaganda”.

The Economist “…completely divorced from reality.”

Dingo News is one of the few news outlets to escape accusations of anti-Semitism. No awards from Zionists as yet.


Zionists “oppressed” by reality – not anti-Semitism

Essentially, there is a global network of these Zionist “fact-checkers” looking over the shoulders of anyone in a position to criticise Israeli human rights abuses against Palestinians. Zionists have dictated that “genocide” and “apartheid” are verboten for journalists (indeed anyone) describing Israeli excesses. A 75 year old (plus) history of oppression against Palestinians (that obviously predates the events of 7th of October, 2023) dismissed or revised, in order to portray Israel as a benevolent and victimised force in Palestinian affairs.

“Israel has externalised colonial tactics globally, including in online spaces, to silence and delegitimise Palestinian voices who criticise its apartheid regime”

Most of the news outlets CAMERA are attacking have also been accused of bias (far more convincingly) by pro-Palestinian organisations. The lack of historical context following the 7th October retaliation by Hamas – a very telling omission by the foreign press.


Light piercing the dark clouds of Hasbara?

London – The BBC has been accused by its journalists of failing to tell the story of the Israel-Palestine conflict accurately, investing greater effort in humanising Israeli victims compared with Palestinians, and omitting key historical context in coverage.

In a 2,300-word letter written to Al Jazeera by eight UK-based journalists employed by the corporation, the BBC is also said to be guilty of a “double standard in how civilians are seen”, given that it is “unflinching” in its reporting of alleged Russian war crimes in Ukraine As Israel pounds Gaza, BBC journalists accuse broadcaster of bias By Anealla Safdar – Al Jazeera

Even Australia’s ABC (well the journalists anyway) – made a stand regarding pro-Israel bias.

“More than 200 ABC journalists participated in a mass meeting about the public broadcaster’s coverage of the war in Gaza, with a number of grievances raised leading to a possible shift in how the conflict is reported on, according to several people who attended.

A key issue raised by staff related to the language used to describe elements of the conflict. Journalists argued that the ABC’s coverage of Israel’s ground invasion of Gaza was too heavily reliant on the talking points of the Israel Defence Forces.

They also raised concerns around the ABC’s unwillingness to use language such as “invasion”, “occupation”, “genocide”, “apartheid” and “ethnic cleansing” regarding Israeli government policy and allegations made by human rights groups. ABC journalists criticise broadcaster’s coverage of Gaza invasion By Osman Faruqi and Calum Jaspan – SMH

The Mainstream Media in direct contradiction to Zionist “concerns” has always been an essential tool in perpetuating US/Israeli goals and myths. Hollywood an exemplar. The efforts of these “fact-checking” Zionists has never been about correction. It has always been about coercion.

“…the aim is to make journalists and editors decide that, even if they have a legitimate story that may criticise Israel, it is simply not worth running it because it will cause “more trouble than it’s worth”. As Agence France-Presse correspondent Philippe Agret says, the aim is to “exhaust” journalists and editors so they think twice before writing anything critical of Israel”.

We are now witness to the increasingly desperate machinations of Zionists. Spreading disinformation and harassing journalists, a profession being slaughtered by Israel in Gaza.

Coupled with Israel’s brutal excesses, it only highlights the reality of a longtime oppression of the Palestinian people and the Hasbara used to “justify” and conceal it.


Case in point.






1 Tony Greenstein is a Jewish anti-Zionist and a founding member of Palestine Solidarity Campaign and Jews for Boycotting Israeli Goods. He is a long-standing anti-fascist activist and author of A History of Fighting Fascism in Brighton and the South Coast. Mr Greenstein has written for many publications including the Guardian’s Comment is Free, the Brighton Argus and Brighton and Hove Independent, Tribune, Labour Briefing and Weekly Worker. He also contributed the section of Zionism to Hodder & Stoughton’s The Essentials of Philosophy & Ethics (2006) and most recently to the Anti-Semitism Wars (ed. Karl Sabbagh) on the Zionist anti-Semitism campaign in the Labour Party. He is a well known blogger and is currently working on a book (Ed: Since published) Zionism During the Holocaust. Mr Greenstein is also an active trade unionist and a member of Brighton & Hove Trades Council, UNITE and UNISON

2 Australia’s version of the Zionist Nazi is the wife-battering Avi Yemini, who served in the Israeli military and fronts Australia’s offshoot of Canada’s far-right Rebel News. “He once described himself as the “the world’s proudest Jewish Nazi” – a comment he has since claimed was sarcasm.” A rebuttal not aided by Canada’s Rebel News contributors, which includes Tommy Robinson the founder of the English Defence League, Katie Hopkins, and “Proud Boys” founder Gavin McInnes. – ‘Avi out’: the uncomfortable relationship between Rebel News and Australia’s anti-vaccine protesters – Christopher Knaus – The Guardian

It’s not just the comradery between Canada’s Rebel News and Neo-Nazis that evidences Avi’s own Neo-Nazi sympathies.

“There’s always been a degree of crossover between Australia’s white-supremacist fringe and Yemini’s Islamophobia and anti-immigration rhetoric. Neo-Nazis groups have attended his public events and promoted them on their websites. In return, Yemini has spruiked their events, including a charity “homeless feed”, in 2017, held in Melbourne by the Soldiers of Odin, a self-proclaimed vigilante, white nationalist group.” Ed: He has also appeared in public with Milo Yiannopoulos, Tommy Robinson and Chris Shortis. – ‘He’s exploiting people who are genuinely scared’: Avi Yemini and the art of outrageTim Elliott – SMH


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