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It seems Angus Taylor was so horrified by what he claims he saw on the now disparaged City of Sydney travel documents, he felt compelled to share his horror with Clover Moore, (and naturally the Daily Tele!)



At the heart of Angus Taylor’s shock was the fact that Clover Moore and her team were apparently not watching their climate emissions (because we all know Mr Taylor is a warrior for the climate).

What horrified him even more, was that Ms Moore had spent too much on air travel.



The air travel lecture was accompanied by an assurance that the federal minister was also cutting back. And as we all know, at the heart of every politician’s grand-standing sits a stinking pile of hypocrisy.

In Mr Taylor’s case, $168,000 worth of hypocrisy.


Because while Mr Taylor’s office may have, erm . . . . “produced” false figures, his own parliamentary air & travel expense figures have not been altered.

July-Sep 2018 – $58,029.80

Oct-Dec 2018 – $36,440.60

Jan-Mar 2019 – $32,360.41

Apr-Jun 2019 – $41,274.78

= $168,105.59


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At more than $14,000 per month in travel expenses & air travel, both domestic and overseas, (occasionally incurred while Mr Taylor was 90 kms from home) it looks like the best place for the lecture on expensively funded travel to be sent, was Mr Taylor’s own office.


A major clue the cheer squad of Peter Van Onselen, Malcolm Farr, Phil Coorey missed in rushing to absolve Angus Taylor of any wrongdoing:

@annacaldwellwas emailed the altered documents *before* the City of Sydney ever received them.

Goes towards intent Your Honour. Intent.