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Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s best mate Tim Stewart (BurnedSpy34) is “coincidentally” the largest disseminator of propaganda in Australia for QAnon an American based Right Wing conspiracy group. QAnon is considered a domestic terror threat by the FBI.

The FBI assess these conspiracy theories very likely will emerge, spread, and evolve in the modern information marketplace, occasionally driving both groups and individual extremists to carry out criminal or violent acts.(source)

Were this a Labor PM associated with a lunatic conspiracy group, I believe we all know how the mainstream media (MSM) would react. Only a few independent media outlets and the intrepid Ronni Salt have so far reported on this bizarre relationship.*

To further complicate matters on the QAnon/PM front, the Prime Minister’s Office has hired Mrs Morrison’s friend Lynelle, who is Mr Stewart’s wife to work at Kirribilli House. A security clearance is needed for her role.

Lynelle a childhood friend of the Morrisons and a member of the Pentecostal church they attend needs a clearance to show she is not a foreign agent, mentally imbalanced or closely associated with any dangerous nutjobs, etc…

More on that later…


The main characters


𝐄𝐥𝐢𝐚𝐡𝐢 𝐏𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐬𝐭: “They get their Intel off the banned #8Chan site. Banned by your boss @ScottMorrisonMP”

Jesse Stewart: (Jun 29, 2019 “If you have any difficulty reaching some of the Voat or 8chan links, try using a VPN.”


The QAnon conspiracy

According to the mysterious ‘Q’ who leaves clues (called “bread crumbs” by the faithful) on message boards, there is a cabal of Satan-worshiping paedophiles and occasional cannibals who control everything on this planet.

The only force for Good separating these monsters from an unsuspecting humanity? President Donald Trump. Hence our paedophilic overlords and their servile Democrat lackeys using “fake news” and impeachment to destroy their POTUS nemesis.



Down the rabbit hole

Essentially QAnon consists of rabid Trump adherents who have an unhealthy obsession with paedophilia, guns and celebrities. With the internet we can now plunge headfirst into countless QAnon rabbit holes with easeAlice in Wonderland’s “rabbit hole” as well as the red and blue pills featured in The Matrix, being popular (and apt) QAnon metaphors.

“You take the blue pill—the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill—you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. Remember: all I’m offering is the truth“ – The Matrix

QAnon (monetised) Red Pill Follow the White Rabbit Hoodie **
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The PM’s best mate’s son @Jesse_onya_m8 – “Light it up and red pill these delusional Aussies!(source)


The QAnon obsession has led to a number of violent incidents and is cited as the cause of relationship breakups due to the aberrant behaviour the cyber cult instils in some of its followers. It seems the only beneficiary of this obsessive cult (besides those monetising it) is Donald Trump. This would explain Trump’s now overt support for the group despite their being considered a domestic threat by the FBI.

“President Trump has amplified Twitter accounts that promote the (QAnon) theory, invited prominent believers to the White House and the Trump reelection campaign recently released an ad in which QAnon signs are visible.” (source)

“…members of (Trump’s) family, his personal attorney, current and former campaign staffers, and even some former administration officials have also repeatedly amplified QAnon supporters and their content. Supporters of QAnon have been linked to murder and other acts of violence…” (source)


So why is our Prime Minister involved with QAnon?

I previously advanced the hypotheses that Morrison would love a devoted following as fanatical as Trump’s. “People who will blindly follow, vote and disseminate hateful, often racist misinformation that benefits Morrison and his billionaire backers”.

(The New Daily) suggested that the Prime Minister might actually believe in the QAnon conspiracies. It’s an interesting take.

But it’s a different matter if our Prime Minister is attracted to loony QAnon fantasies, if he believes Donald Trump is leading a battle against an international “Deep State”, or that Israel is fulfilling a Biblical prophecy to bring on Armageddon.

Mr Pascoe goes on to say in reference to Morrison’s Pentecostal religion …

“The unknown is how much further Mr Morrison travels towards the extreme end of the evangelical spectrum where a type of madness does lie, such as believing God wouldn’t let serious climate change happen, or embracing Donald Trump to a level that disadvantages Australia, or Middle East policy formed with a view to the Rapture.” (What we don’t know: Is our Prime Minister a nutter?)

Both the PM’s Pentecostal religion and QAnon are American based “faiths”. The PM’s Pentecostal beliefs which link monetary gain and good health to God’s blessing have seeped into his governance with two very American conservative priorities, namely tax cuts for the Rich and an obsession with religious freedom.

At University Morrison’s admiration for all things American saw him initially called “Magnum” and later “Miami”.

Believer or Deceiver?

Morrison’s American based Pentecostal religion is essentially a misogynous, materialist, supernatural cult, that preys on emotionally vulnerable people. Does that mean it aligns with QAnon as readily as it does with Neoliberalism? Well yes.

Couple that with Morrison’s racist views on Aboriginal people and refugees and sure; he is a prime convert for QAnon.

While I believe Morrison’s involvement with a crazy right-wing conspiracy group the FBI sees fit to issue warnings about is clearly established; I’m not buying into the ‘Morrison believes in QAnon conspiracies paradigm’ as yet.

The evidence that Tim Stewart and the PM are in sync with QAnon messaging has already been produced and points to Morrison’s role in the Australian QAnon propagation as that of a manipulator rather than a disciple.

There is no doubt that Morrison would be readily accepted (even revered) by those who are immersed in this cyber-cult. An acceptance reinforced by Trump’s effusive welcome of Morrison in the USA.



PM’s “extraordinary and bizarre” relationship with BurnedSpy34

Attempts to learn more about our PM’s relationship with Tim Stewart (BurnedSpy34) and QAnon have come to naught.

Labor Senator Penny Wong had no luck when she enquired about the QAnon controversy in a Senate estimates hearing as “Liberal” (“Conservative” in Australia) Senator Cormann butted in before bureaucrats could answer her questions.

Senator Cormann: “I am not aware of either the circumstances you describe or what is asserted in that particular story,” he said.

“I would be disappointed if your suggestion is that a wife couldn’t be appropriately employed because of what may or may not be the activities of her husband, if indeed the activities are accurately reported.

“You are now going to allegations about a family member … of a staff member, which I think goes beyond what I am comfortable dealing with on the spot without properly informing myself of the facts.” (source)

The aforementioned security clearance (a “negative vetting” level 2) demands that any past behaviour or associations that might compromise security are investigated.

Mr Cormann, that would include “the activities of her husband”.

Mathias Cormann is Australia’s Finance Minister (which is currently akin to being the lookout on the Titanic) and not noted for his veracity or indeed competence.

Penny Wong: “The theories aired have been ‘extraordinary and bizarre’.”

I doubt anyone would disagree with Ms Wong’s summation, nor her total justification in finding out to what degree our Prime Minister is associated with these right-wing conspiracy theorists.

The LNP Government’s flimsy “family privacy” excuse for not answering questions about the Prime Minister’s association with QAnon was made even more laughable by wife Jenny Morrison’s recent and very public “show and tell” about her 14-year fertility struggle.


Why hasn’t Downer sued the PM’s mates for defamation?

Scott Morrison’s best friend Tim Stewart the QAnon propagandist believes Alexander Downer is intimately connected with a paedophile ring.

“Also, (Downer) has a very questionable Australian pedophile inquiry with his
name on it.”

“This is a huge cover up and Downer is leading the way.”

“On the lighter side, Alexander Downer seems to have influence with all sorts of
famous families who have a paedophilia shadow over them.” (source) #Pedogate

As does his son Jesse  @Jesse_onya_m8

Alexander ‘the pedo enabler’ Downer

“Downer has panicked and involved himself with the US/UK ‘deep staters’ in an attempt to
  impeach President Trump in the largest mass treason event in world history. Could the
reason for his panic be because he enables pedophilia?” (

Mr Downer was the leader of the Liberal Party from 1994 to 1995, Minister for Foreign Affairs from 1996 to 2007, and High Commissioner to the United Kingdom from 2014 to 2018. Why this gold-plated Liberal is facing attacks from our Prime Minister’s QAnon coterie is as puzzling as Morrison’s involvement.

Our PM’s own links with paedophilia through his “mentor” Hillsong Pastor Brian Houston as well as Trump’s presence at parties organised by the infamous Jeffrey Epstein a paedophile and sex trafficker of young girls, do not rate a mention from Morrison’s friend BurnedSpy34.

Mr Stewart and his son Jesse did, however, feel it necessary to clarify Morrison’s own status in this regard.

Eliahi Priest, Tim Stewart’s former associate (and now nemesis) pointed out Mr Stewart’s hypocrisy in ignoring both the PM’s links and support for Pastor Houston. *** 

– Insert –

“Frank Houston, the father of Hillsong Church founder Brian Houston, was a pastor in
New Zealand and
Australia who abused as many as nine boys over the course of his ministry.
In the 1960s and
’70s, one victim was routinely subjected to sexual abuse from the age of
7 to 12. In 1999, his mother reported the abuse to the church.

Although Brian Houston was legally obligated to report the crime, he did not do so.” (Wikipedia)

Is it possible we are seeing a selective use of QAnon paedophile conspiracies to malign and punish Mr Downer in response to his involvement in the Mueller inquiry?

“The Morrison government confirming that they were open to discredit Alexander
Downer to save Donald Trump is exactly as it sounds.

Apparently, Trump reached out to Scott Morrison to help track down the origin
of the Mueller inquiry, in order to discredit whatever it found.

Image from

The source of the inquiry was our own Alexander Downer, former Liberal Party
Minister of Foreign Affairs, who helped trigger the FBI investigation into Trump’s
purported links to Russia.”

Being called a paedophile enabler online by the Australian PM’s best mate (with a Twitter following of over 24,000) would certainly fulfil the criteria of discrediting Downer.


Targetting by QAnon is dangerous

The FBI’s views on the dangers of being targetted by QAnon adherents are public knowledge.

“The FBI further assesses in some cases these conspiracy theories very likely
encourage the targeting of specific people, places, and organizations, thereby
increasing the likelihood of violence against these targets.”

Perhaps Mr Downer should be asking for protection? Although given the PM’s involvement with QAnon, a private security option might be safest.

These concerted attacks on Downer by Morrison’s best friend Tim Stewart need explaining. Not because of any great concern for Downer’s well-being (he ensured the deaths of many East Timorese people through inaction and greed) but due to our Prime Minister’s involvement in them.

Why has Alexander Downer taken no action against the PM’s mate Tim Stewart and his son Jesse, regarding their accusations of paedophilia against him? Is it their association with the PM?

Mr Downer’s inaction certainly provides grounds for all manner of speculation.


Australian democracy’s slow suicide

There are many other questions that need to be answered about our Prime Minister’s association with this dangerous Right-Wing cyber cult, particularly in light of some his recent pronouncements which are bordering on the “sinister” and “threatening”.

Peter Dutton, Australia’s Spymaster and Dark Lord of Otherism, has recently become a warrior for anti-paedophile activities.

Is this also motivated by QAnon conspiracy theories? A need to signal to the base?

“Eliahi Priest claims that Lynelle Stewart texted Scott Morrison (at her husband’s behest) to include the word “ritual” into his national apology to Australian survivors and victims of child sexual abuse. This apparently would be a means to “quietly signal” to survivors of Satanic ritual abuse.

Morrison’s use of “ritual” was totally incongruous. There is nothing ritual about opportunistic child rape.” (

“The crimes of ritual sexual abuse happened in schools, churches, youth groups, scout troops, orphanages, foster homes, sporting clubs, group homes, charities, and in family homes as well.” (Morrison) ****


Dutton is using paedophilia as a lever to demand backdoor access to encrypted content. A diversionary tactic just like the anti-terrorism laws that are now primarily focused on protestors and whistleblowers.

The Australian people are being placed under mass surveillance with our right to protest and free speech limited by draconian legislation and a mainstream media in lockstep with the government’s plans to limit our freedoms.

We seem to have already lost the right to demand answers from our “democratically” elected government.

A simple question about whether Morrison’s “mentor” Pastor Brian Houston was invited to the Whitehouse by the PM only to have the Whitehouse refuse his presence, turns into this embarrassingly poor attempt at deflection.

It’s not just QAnon and his spiritual Pentecostal “mentor” Brian Houston. The Morrison government seem incapable of answering questions about anything.

It’s as if Morrison and his LNP cohorts don’t understand they are supposed to work for – and be answerable to – the Australian people.

The reason Morrison won’t answer questions about his association with QAnon is pretty obvious. What can he say?

Perhaps I can assist? How about?

My association with Tim Stewart, Australia’s premier QAnon conspirator is merely an astronomically improbable coincidence that I was unaware of because no one from our multiple security agencies (or the FBI) saw fit to tell me.

Yeah, run with that.

by Mick Lawless


* Links to these articles can be accessed in a previous article about QAnon.

** Unsurprisingly the red pill analogy is also adopted by a men’s rights group that ‘knows what women want’Thanks to Jessica for that fact.

*** While Police are bashing protestors in our streets, people with ties to the LNP are not only not being investigated thoroughly they are (it seems) entitled to simply ignore police efforts to question them.

**** Crikey has enlarged on this theme – An extract can be read in the New Daily

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