George Pell’s history with child sex abuse, an ongoing theme for over 20 years


George Pell’s troubled history was originally edged into the public domain by the Melbourne Herald Sun, via the sterling Lucie Morris Marr.

Jeff Kennett spoke to Pell about the troubling attitude toward brushing child abuse claims under the carpet back in 1995 and cautioned him with a commission of enquiry if Pell did not start to do something about the claims.

Joanne McCarthy & the Newcastle Herald have relentlessly pursued abusers in the Catholic church.

The Guardian, globally & Australia followed & reported on the Pell claims, e.g. David Marr …  as did numerous regional newspapers like the Ballarat Courier and the Geelong Advertiser.

George Pell and his troubling history with child sex abuse has been reported on and watched closely by the general media in Australia for over 20 years.




The ABC’s Louise Milligan has been harassed daily by organised groups of Pell-bots, many of them popping up on one post accounts.

The Catholic church itself is one of the wealthiest, most sinister, secret organisations in the world.

Second only to Murdoch’s empire.

Murdoch media span across continents and influences the daily narrative in almost every western democracy.

Political leaders who want to succeed must pay homage to Murdoch or risk the interminably vindictive attacks.



And this happens around the world.

And yet Murdoch employed apparatchik Greg Sheridan sits on his princely stool of privilege inside the ABC studios this morning & chooses the cowardly cover of last minute talking points to savage – of all entities – the ABC.

He knows he can’t & won’t be rebuffed by the host.


So we let a man with no inside knowledge of the legalities of the case, a man with clearly no knowledge of the broad and relentless coverage of Pell by all Australian media, to sign off on #Insiders with the hypocrisy only the righteously deluded and uninformed can serve.


However, the both-sides-no-matter-if-the-truth-is-there gang at the ABC will invite him on again.

They won’t bother to challenge him on his outrageously false claims. He’ll just be allowed to wander back on like Gerard Henderson-lite but with slightly less relevance.



By Ronni Salt

April, 19, 2020


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