Hey woke peeps . . . do you love liberty, capitalism & awesome merch? 😎

Who’d like to join @TheIPA’s new yoof arm? I know. I can hear your screams

They – Generation Liberty – were set up to stop the Institute of Public Affairs from falling into the grave of old age & irrelevancy.




If you join, you get these solid yoof focused emails from Renee who gets excited about getting uninvited from market stalls.I mean, just read Renee’s emails and she’ll tell you all about it. Endlessly tell you all about it.

It’s riveting stuff.








and on . . .

. . . . and on



Even their logo is erm . . . . “inspired” by a fossil fuel company.



Here’s their page if you wanna go and chant “Socialism sucks” with them.

You too could grow up to be just like Gideon.

And yes, I thought it was a Chaser parody too when I first saw it. However it’s my duty to tell you – it’s all true.





Also – here’s their facey video.




#MadAsHell needs to watch it for parody ideas. Vomitoria Catchment would love it.



by @RonniSalt