Look out.

I think Scott Morrison is about to expose his ‘female inner circle’ on live TV.


Dramatic pauses.

Verges on tears.

Oh god . . . sobbing.

What Scott Morrison is saying right now – he could have said last month.

He could have said it last week.

He could always have said it.

His arrogant, point blank refusal to even listen to women and their pain is his problem.

Why now? Because it’s hurting them in the polls.

Exactly what Katherine Murphy is asking right now.

KM: “Why did it take you a month to react?”

Well Katherine – because they’re now tanking in the polls.

“If anybody wants to compare it to their own workplace?” says Scott Morrison.


Who hasn’t worked in a place where staff are wanking on desks, permanently pissed, raped a staff member in an office and a senior manager is accused of historical rape?

All of us.

What you’re seeing right now is Scott Morrison the transactionalist

Scott Morrison the political strategist.

Scott Morrison the performer.

This is not in any way, Scott Morrison the newly born feminist.

This is merely Scott Morrison knowing he’s in danger.

Because you speak with a forked tongue Prime Minister.

Actions speak louder than words.

Images speak louder than text.

Scott Morrison’s team of macho flying monkeys know this of course – it’s why he is always and forever in photo mode.

And what do his images tell women hey?




Day after day, week in, week out, the women of Australia are treated by Scott Morrison as if they’re invisible

In his #bullshitandspin frenzy of blokes & booze & balls there is never a woman in sight.

Women are for the background.

In Scott Morrison’s world – women don’t matter.




Scott Morrison – the one who pleaded with us to “respect women” – appears to be unaware of how & why women are treated like second class people.

On the weekend he could have attended the Adelaide women’s soccer. They had a record crowd.

But what did he do instead?

Blokes & booze.


Source for record breaking Women’s soccer game


If you want to fix your so-called “women problem” Scott Morrison, start by realising you have a man problem.

MorrisonWorld is a man’s world.

Only men matter.

Instead of putting strategic tears in front of the cameras Prime Minister – try putting women in front of the cameras.




Start by putting an end to this disgusting display of misogyny.

What does this image tell girls about the way men treat women?

What does this say about you? Your ministers?

It’s a toxic display of macho ignorance and it has no place anywhere – especially in our nation’s house.




by Ronni Salt






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