Two former prosecutors claim they intend to launch a private legal action against former Attorney-General Christian Porter.

Victor Kline and Vania Holt, both members of The New Liberals, a controversially named new political party, say they have read the dossier of rape allegations against Mr Porter released by the Federal Court last week and believe “it is the right thing to do”.

Mr Porter has strenuously denied that any rape occurred and the police have stated there is no case to answer.

His lawyer rejected the move as a political stunt with no basis in law.


The two lawyers unveiled their plans on Twitter on Sunday, defending claims from some that they are only doing it to bolster publicity for their party.

Mr Kline, 69, from Crows Nest, said publicity was not their “primary drive”.

“If some people see what we are doing as courageous and honourable, is that a bad thing?” he said.

“If others won’t vote for us because they think we are political opportunists then that’s their business.

“Whatever the outcome for our party, we will do it.”

However, Rebekah Giles, the lawyer representing Mr Porter slammed the move as a stunt.

“There is now broad acceptance, even from the ABC, that the credibility of the allegations is such that they are incapable of proof to any applicable legal standard criminal or civil, so this is a stunt which does not warrant further comment.”


Solicitor Rebekah Giles and Christian Porter leaving a press conference at the Queens Square Supreme Court in Sydney. Picture: NCA NewsWire / Adam Yip



Mr Kline, leader of The New Liberals, explained that private criminal prosecutions are almost never done “because we trust our prosecuting authorities to do the right thing”, but that it is “perfectly proper to do it”.

He said any citizen could launch a private prosecution and said he was aiming to have the case lodged in the magistrate’s court in a month’s time, despite not yet being able to confirm who the barrister will be.

He said he was hoping to confirm the barrister, who will have to accept the job on a pro bono basis, this week. Vania Holt, who has announced her intention to stand as a federal candidate in Roberston for The New Liberals, will act as the instructing solicitor, again working for free.

Victor Kline of Crows Nest pictured at his home



Mr Kline said the 31-page dossier, released publicly by federal court last week, includes alleged contemporaneous diary entries from a woman who claimed she had been raped by Mr Porter in 1988.

She took her own life last year.

Mr Porter, now Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science, last year commenced defamation proceedings against the ABC for its reporting on the dossier.

The defamation case has now been discontinued.


News Corp Australia and Nine Newspapers are still pressing for the public release of the ABC’s formal defence to Mr Porter’s defamation claim.

“Having looked at the dossier I can’t believe how there is no case to answer,” Mr Kline said.


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