Twiggy’s Minderoo Foundation registered with the Australian Electoral Commission as a political campaigner

Jommy Tee continues his examination into the philanthropic world of Andrew (Twiggy) Forrest. 


Well, well, I knew the Minderoo Foundation did a YouTube video promoting the cashless debit card …. but looks like ads on Google and the Book of Faces were part of the mix as well.

Explains why the Minderoo Foundation registered with the Australian Electoral Commission as a political campaigner.



Ammo, the company used by Minderoo to run Facebook ads, also worked on the Liberal Party ads in WA during the 2019 Federal election



Ammo Marketing is run by Cam Sinclair. Who was once formerly employed by the Libs in WA, and previously worked for Cormann for a short time.



Ammo Marketing is only a business trading name for a discretionary trading trust: “The Trustee for Running Buffalo”




Back to the cashless debit card – a Twiggy (Minderoo) paternalistic device – wholeheartedly embraced by the LNP government.

He seeks to impose restrictions for those on welfare, yet had no hesitation in giving a job to a convicted insider trader, 3 months post his sentence ending.



The insider trader (later turned ASIC witness to convict another insider trader) became and still is Twiggy’s COO at the Minderoo Foundation.

I’m all for rehabilitation, but it appears Twiggy applies different standards to those who come from a different socio-economic background.

And hence I’m concerned what Twiggy’s & Minderoo’s proposed $50M bushfire resilience blueprint will recommend and eventually deliver ……..and who wins and who loses from it.

My final word … Twiggy is also encouraging people to donate to the bushfire rebuild, via the Mindaroo Foundation. Very generously not charging any administration fees.

Why a charity sitting on $1.3B in assets wants you to do that at the expense of other charities… who knows?


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What is the ideology of Andrew Forrest and his Minderoo Foundation that Jay Weatherill has now committed himself to? Forrest eschews Gina Rhinehart’s blatant libertarianism and guided by his Christian-‘humanitarian’ faith embraces a high visibility capitalist philanthropy to solve human crises.

His Minderoo Foundation promotes the notion of a charity working in unison with capitalist development. Commitment to the private sector and markets is the preferred approach to current troubles facing society.

By reducing the public and expanding the private sector to invest huge amounts of money to solve complex societal predicaments and implementing biased technical fixes, Forrest and Weatherill can claim capitalism is the solution, not the cause of the society’s problems.

What capitalist philanthropy does is camouflage the conflict between the poor and the rich, claiming that the poor do not have a better friend than the rich. In effect the poor should be grateful and beholden to the rich for their help. (Source)

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