Morrison’s “chauffeur driven” distraction only highlights his government’s general corruption and greed

By Ronni Salt

Oct 23


It’s very evident @ScottMorrisonMP‘s office & Liberal party HQ have been leaking to the media about Christine Holgate for some time now.

Passive aggressive phrases like “chauffeur driven CEO” started to appear a few months back.

The same phrase used in every media outlet too.




Scott Morrison:

* barges about in a private taxpayer’s jet to Lib fundraiser in Adelaide

* mother & mother-in-law are fed & accommodated at taxpayer’s expense

* best mates employed to make cups of tea for his wife

Morrison grandstanding over a mere $12,000 is just laughable.



You can tell it’s coming from Scott Morrison’s office when his official support club at the @australian centre him in their articles as the hero of the story.

When you read phrases like “Scott Morrison personally intervened” – you know Morrison’s people planted that.







If we look at the phrase Scott Morrison’s comms team and the Liberal HQ dirt unit have artfully scattered about – we can see that their work is done.

No mention of the fact the previous CEO of Australia Post ALSO had a car & driver.

And three times Holgate’s salary (at $5.6M pa)



The previous CEO of Australia Post, Ahmed Fahour received almost $7 million in 2017.

He also received a further $4 million for “executive incentives” in 2016.

Which is 1,333 x Cartier gift watches.

No word from Scott Morrison the Treasurer then.



So we have Scott Morrison overseeing & ignoring every blatant govt scandal from paying $30M for a scrappy $3M dairy farm, to billions in contracts to government mates, and who has Angus Taylor as a minister.

And we’re expected to believe he’s moral chest beating over $12,000?




The watches have been revalued at $20,000

“Thursday’s Senate Estimates hearing was also told that Australia Post had paid more than $97 million in bonuses to its workers over the past year, with those in senior positions getting the majority of the cash.”



This is by no means an exhaustive list of LNP corruption

‘Door ajar for corruption’: ICAC head says grant processes ‘raise serious questions’

Berejiklian’s staff destroyed documents used to rubber-stamp ‘rort’


Was Christine Holgate the Victim of a Scott Morrison Special the Stitch-Up | Ronni-Salt

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