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A general thread about a group calling themselves NSW Volunteer Firefighter’s Association. (Website)

They have been spreading the “Greens to blame for fuel reduction” myth as well as claiming climate change has nothing to with increased fires.



Their motivations appear to be anti-science and they appear to be run by – well, who knows?

This group claims to represent volunteer fighters – only in NSW – but has no official membership numbers or any indication of any broad based support among firefighters outside their site




This opaque organisation was first registered as a private business in NSW in 2004.

They are not an incorporated not-for-profit in NSW, nor subject to those relevant regulations.

Nor are they a registered charity, per the ACNC.

They have no annual reports.






That’s correct. The VFFA do not have an annual report.


One look at their website will show that their membership numbers are not disclosed.

Nor do they publish any broad-based selection of scientists but instead have relied on the voice of one man – David Packham.


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Mr Packham has previously accused “latte conservationists” of having
too much influence on forest management.

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With such a massive array of scientists around the world publishing papers on bushfire science, including many world renowned experts in Australia such as Prof David Bowman at Curtin University, why do the VFFA not publish a selection of them?





Instead, the murky waters of the VFFA website choose to produce endless quotes from Ray Hadley and the Daily Telegraph as well as one widely denounced former scientist.


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Ray Hadley and fellow Climate Change denier Scott Morrison 

Source – Ray Hadley: Further bullying allegations against 2GB shock jock

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Indeed their media selections appear to be as narrow as their science.








In addition, this astroturfing group appear to be putting themselves forward in the media as the “voice of volunteer firefighters”


Who are their members?

In NSW the official Rural Fire Service has been consistently claiming this group’s motivations are highly suspect.




Interestingly, VFFA president Mick Holton is a well known conservative political figure who stood for election in 2018 as an endorsed candidate of the Shooters & Fishers Party.

He has also promoted the views of elephant & wildlife slaughterer Robert Borsak on the VFFA website.



Psychopath with innocent victim



This VFFA group has as their patron a man who has been lauded by Miranda Devine as an anti-science, anti-environmentalist climate change denier.

Yes, Kurt Lance, renowned climate change denier is an early VFFA patron.



What is even more intriguing is that there is no membership fee to “belong” to the VFFA.

It costs nothing to join and there appears to be no validation of your volunteer firefighter status on their form or your identity.

So anyone, or anything, can put their name down.


Which leads us to the question of how the VFFA fund themselves. Now they may be quite happy gathering funds behind the scenes, who knows.

But their climate change denialist site is very smart indeed. There is a 1300 phone number and a slick newsletter.

But how is this funded?

Now none of this would be at all interesting if the self-proclaimed VFFA were off in a park somewhere talking among themselves – however many of them there actually are.



But here’s the worrying part – they are often quoted & given legitimacy by mainstream media organisations.


The non-members-disclosed, non-annual-report, non-transparent VFFA is quoted and interviewed on ABC Radio National, the Guardian, the Age, the SMH, Channel 10 – the list goes on.

Which obviously gives their anti-science views & existence some legitimacy.




The NSW Rural Fire Service has 71,234 registered members.

How many “members” do the VFFA have?

And who is it behind the scenes doing the talking?

Perhaps the media could ask this too before rushing to quote them next time.




As usual the literalists are out seemingly thinking we’re suggesting this group is really a dummy website, started in Namibia & run by Bolivian warlords.

Yes its started & run by NSW firefighters.

The point is – how many of them are there, who funds them & what is their agenda?


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Ronni Salt – Tackles the truth behind the
latest attempts to blame unprecedented
bushfires on anything but Climate Change.
An arsonist conspiracy – favoured by right-wingers
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