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You couldn’t plausibly make this stuff up



The below quote is from part 2 of my article investigating Labor’s Think Tank Per Capita and their Executive Director Emma Dawson.


 “Much more could be said about your Per Capita Think Tank and your self-described “upper middle-class” staff. Hopefully that won’t be necessary.”

Such hopeful naivety.

I am older and wiser now.

There’s no doubt this account was created to punish those nasty unemployed folk giving working class hero Emma Dawson such a hard time.

The whole “misunderstanding of someone” and “your targets set their account to private” vibe sounds almost Emma collaborative.


The Shanks, Per Capita, RW Labor alliance – as always – rears its ugly head.




Not much concerned at this hateful troll’s inanities, just the fact Emma and Nareen, supposedly advocates for unemployed people, are following and supporting it.



Labor support attacks on the AUWU

It’s clear Emma has been told her insensitivity and garbled faux intellectualism are entirely acceptable to the Labor Right who unfortunately run Labor now.

Can’t see any other logic in supporting a Troll and their “dole-bludger” tropes.

Only the internal logic of a Think Tank that has been given a pass by their Labor overlords.

Per Capita’s announcement in support of her boorish classism looks even more nonsensically contrived than when it first appeared.

Good luck with your “legal options” now Per Capita.


None of this controversy will assist Per Capita in the educational and welfare circles they frequent and should give their donors reason to question being connected with them. Particularly the unions, whose members need to become aware of just what their union dues are financing.

Per Capita’s publications and research too, must now be seen to be tainted by their Labor ties, origins and the clear lack of judgement they display.

Their claims of independence only accenting their paucity of ethics.


So it seems Emma’s “psychological safety” wasn’t an issue after all and that her involvement in on-line bullying is presumably OK with Per Capita?

That’s how class distinction works.


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