QAnon Cult

QAnon Cult


I’m sorry God, but I don’t believe you support the QAnon conspiracy theorists. I have spent significant time looking into this belief system and it is a contrived evangelical movement filled with political propaganda. It is an online conspiracy cult that has directly affected my life. The QAnon cult purports to have links to an anonymous source, Q, claiming to be an insider to the Trump administration and to be exposing the evil workings of the supposed “deep state” in the USA. It operates on the premise America’s left-wing elite are “luciferian paedophiles” and Trump is the god-ordained leader cleaning it all up.

Despite the whole QAnon movement relating substantially to US politics, it has expanded online to other nations including Australia. I have had the unfortunate experience of being afflicted by the QAnon cult as immediate family members became “Q Patriots” and spoke of it incessantly. Although they claimed they were not trying to convert me, their pursuit of my adherence to and acceptance of their dogma was relentless and bordered on harassment.

I’ve read some of the cryptic messages posted online from the anonymous persona called, Q: pure nonsense and open to any degree of subjective interpretation. They’re published now on a site called Qmap after their message boards were shut down with 8Chan amidst the publication of murder footage and online race hatred.

Disregarding their puzzle and gaming concepts to keep followers entertained, there is an awful lot of Christian rhetoric and Bible verses thrown in on these posts. It is all skewed to the far-right Republican supporters and warns followers of the evil tools of the left-wing. The online Qmap Prayer Wall is astonishing to behold in its mix of religion and partisan politics:

“To those who pray, day and night🔥we never give up, and continue to fight🔥we pray for you, our beloved POTUS🔥 and also for, our wonderful FLOTUS🔥your kids are good fruit, it’s plain to see🔥a family from God, a flourishing tree🔥our sights are now, on 2020🔥when the Dems are destroyed, they won’t think it’s funny🔥as we the people, rise from the ash🔥your booming economy, will load us with cash🔥thank you Mr Trump, for your team and for Q🔥without your guidance, we wouldn’t have a clue🔥we know you do what you can, to try to please us🔥but truly the way, is strong faith in Jesus🔥when your thoughts are troubling, remember we’re there🔥just keep in mind, we all truly care🔥Jesus is with you, as you walk down this path🔥the evil never escapes, God’s final wrath🔥”

“God Bless all Q team Q Anon’s around the world! Our President his Family. Rejoice in the Lord each Day! Put on the Full Armor of God! Battle against evil will take everyone’s prayers to strengthen the mighty military Family, that has to witness evilness beyond human understanding. Pray for all the victims past & present! Love is the greatest force on earth & in Heaven. Only that will defeat evilness of Satan & his minions. Protect All the Patriots, worldwide, love & world Peace is coming thru Jesus Christ the most Holy Name of all! Amen #WWG1WGA”

With any cult, there are always attitudes and phrases that become ingrained in the psyche of the members; QAnon is no different. I have heard the following phrases time and time again from QAnon believers: Trust the plan, Where we go one we go all (WWG1WGA), Grab your popcorn, Enjoy the show, Dark to light, Pizzagate, Pedogate, The great awakening, The Storm, and that’s just a few. There are many other terms that are used repeatedly as hashtags and as phrases to belittle those of us who do not adhere to their theories: Slow walker; Normies, We are the news, Think logically, Do your research, Trump Derangement Syndrome. There’s plenty of other names I’ve been called over the last couple of years as I’ve watched my family members’ thinking erode into a cult mentality.

Their beliefs range from global warming being a hoax to thinking Trump is stopping child traffickers at the Mexican border while conducting DNA tests to return the captured little children to their rightful parents. Of course, all mainstream media is complicit in a worldwide paedophilia coverup and the only accurate news comes from Trump, Q or The Epoch Times (founded by anti-Chinese-government group Falun Gong). Oh, and the Pope is a Satanist. That’s just the tip of the iceberg of the QAnon cult beliefs.

I’ve twice been told by my QAnon-believing sibling, “Your life is shit.” That’s not the greatest opening line if you want to draw a person into your belief system as well as just being downright mean. It was especially brutal as I was dealing with the emotional fallout from having made a submission to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. I was yelled at for being judgemental because I refused to state that Donald Trump was a good man.

The QAnon believers I’ve encountered have been rather despicable in their behaviour and their attitudes towards non-believers. I’ve been called all manner of things for my refusal to jump on board. I guess ugliness is to be expected in people who have chosen to spend their spare time delving into paedophilia, cannibalism, murderous rituals and other such online hideousness. Why would a person wish to exist in that unsavoury online arena when they’re only a keyboard warrior? It’s not like they’re assisting police in their investigations or anything of the sort!

The QAnon online cult is a paradox. It claims to rid the world of terrible people abusing kids yet treats the actual victims of child sexual assault with absolute disdain. If a person dares defy the Q followers online, it is a harrowing experience with a QAnon supporter swarm attack. My family members take a “torch and pitchfork” keyboard approach online to the Epsteins of the world but, in reality, are close friends with people who were complicit in the cover-up of my own sexual abuse at a Sydney church. The national apology was issued by the Prime Minister to children sexually abused in Australian institutions as a result of findings in the Royal Commission.

Unfortunately for me, that national apology was influenced by my sibling who requested the Prime Minister specifically use the term “ritual sexual abuse” to coincide with his QAnon view of satanic child molesters running rampant. It creates such an horrendous sense of betrayal and sorrow to know that family members infiltrated the one parliamentary speech specifically aimed at my healing. Healing from sexual abuse occurring via an institution with which Mr Morrison, himself, was involved. It was a momentous occasion for survivors of child sexual abuse, but one that an online cult snatched away from me due to their fixation on “luciferian paedophiles”.

It’s hard to know where the religion starts and politics end when hearing all the QAnon beliefs. It’s certainly partisan and evangelical. Where QAnon cult members go, we don’t all go. From a QAnon perspective, though, if God is supposedly an all-powerful deity, then he hasn’t been overly conscientious in monitoring how many Satanists he allowed to control the world and Trump is certainly no Jesus Christ.

I can’t imagine a deity being enthusiastic about Q followers treating paedophile capture as a show to enjoy whilst eating popcorn – which is frequently spouted by them online. I also can’t imagine a deity being proud of the judgementalism and hateful manner in which sceptics of the QAnon movement are treated by the Q followers. I would certainly despise a deity that allows a young girl to be sexually abused by members of a church and then allows QAnon believers to rob that girl of the national apology made by a former member of that very same church.


By Karen Stewart

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