Remember how quickly Scott Morrison leapt into action with the Needles In Strawberries?

Many commentators were curious about the Morrison Government’s swift call to action – especially given their current refusal to investigate a serious rape claim.




Well a funny thing happened on the way to the strawberry farm back in 2017.

One of Australia’s largest strawberry producers was sold.

The name?

Sunny Ridge.

They produce more than $40 million of strawberries a year.

Sunny Ridge’s farms see 500,000 tourists through annually.



But before all of that, a little known company called Waratah Group Pty Ltd had established themselves firmly in Australia.

And also established themselves very firmly with the Liberal party.




Such is the Waratah Groups strong and admirable connection to the Liberal party, that they have not only hosted fund raisers and dinners and friendship nights with the Liberal party over the years – they have also been very generous donors.

Only to the Liberal party.

Very generous.



How does this connect to Sunny Ridge farms, Australia’s largest strawberry producers?

Because you will never guess who bought Sunny Ridge Australia’s largest strawberry producers back in 2017.

The purchaser became the owner of one of Australia’s largest strawberry operations as well as being one of the Liberal party’s largest donors.

Yes, the Waratah Group are the owners of Sunny Ridge, the producers of millions of dollars of strawberries and berries every year.


Cast your mind back to 2018 and Scott Morrison’s amazing speed in producing legislation and media and public pronouncements over the Great Strawberry Fiasco.

He can move faster than a speeding spittoon about a strawberry.

But serious rape allegations may just take a little longer.








~ This thread was produced in conjunction with @jommy_tee, Australia’s best researcher ~


by Ronni Salt