Swastika on Mr. Harold Kertz’s left  leg

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On the Friday of 15th of March 2019, a Aussie Nazi Terrorist, who I have chosen not to name, in a well planned & executed cold blooded Terrorist Attack, the worst of it’s kind, stormed the Al-Noor Mosque in Christchurch and murdered 51 people.

Many lay observers had questioned that, how this Aussie Nazi Terrorist, was able to plan, get weapons, travel to New Zealand, from Australia, and execute the Nazi White Supremacist Terrorist Attack, without at the very least being noticed by Australia’s all powerful Department of Home Affairs. Worth noting that this LNP Government had also obtained the AABILL spying powers, and Australia being part of the 5 eyes, an independent lay observer will find it hard to digest that Peter Dutton’s DHA didn’t had prior knowledge of this Terror Attack.

Australia is also one of the only few countries in the world, where Nazis are not designated Terrorists.

ASIO Boss had made it abundantly clear, the serious threat these White Supremacist Nazis pose to us all, but ASIO cannot exactly legislate to have them designated as Terrorists, That’s the job of the Government, and if Peter Dutton’s recent statements are anything to go by, he doesn’t seem to take the ASIO’s advise seriously, after all these Far Right White Supremacist Nazis are also his voting base.


German Nazi National Security Threat & Sex Offender: Harald Kertz


Mr. Kertz a German National, is Sexual Offender, with a long criminal history going over decades for Drugs, Guns, Escape from prison, has had his Visa Cancelled several times over the decades under ‘National Interest Grounds’.


But each time, the LNP Governemt hands him his Visa back, and releases him from detention.

Mr. Kertz’s most recent charges include, as articulated by the Justice Buscombe DCJ of the NSW District Court:

“The accused stood trial before me sitting without a jury on an indictment which contained the following two counts: count 1: That on or about 19 May 2018 he entered the dwelling house of the complainant with intent to commit a serious indictable offence, namely, indecent assault, in circumstances of aggravation, namely, using corporeal violence on the complainant. That is an offence under s 111(2) of the Crimes Act.

Count 2 alleges that on 19 March 2018 the accused detained the complainant without her consent with the intention of obtaining an advantage, namely, sexual gratification and at the time of the detaining actual bodily harm was occasioned to the complainant. That is an offence under s 86(2)(b) of the Crimes Act.”


The Hon R N J Purvis, AM Q.C, Deputy President of the AAT back on 29th of March 2006, summed up Mr. Kertz’s Criminal history as following:
“Seriousness and nature of conduct
3. Mr Kertzs criminal history commenced in 1977 at the aged of 18 years. His criminal convictions are extensive and had been escalating in severity. His most recent offence was the sexual assault of a woman while he was armed with a shotgun.
4. I believe that Mr Kertzs offences were very serious (with reference to paragraph 2.6 of the Direction) and that the Australian community is entitled to be protected from the possibility of such conduct recurring. Therefore I gave great weight to this consideration.
Risk of the recidivism

5. I noted that Mr  Kertz’s criminal history was extensive – having commenced in 1977 and continued to the present.
6. I further noted that Kertz has previously been considered for deportation where he was issued with a warning. However, Mr Kertz 
 continued to commit serious criminal offences subsequent to this.

[8] However, given the extensive nature of Mr Kertzs criminal record and the absence of any concrete proof that he has, in fact, reformed, I find that there was still a risk that he would re-offend.
[9] Furthermore given the nature of Mr Kertzs offences and their effect on the community, I considered that this risk was unacceptable, and I placed considerable weight on this consideration.
Since 1977 this German National has been Committing Sexual Offences against the most vulnerable members of the Australian Public.

What’s even more problematic is, Mr. Kertz is a White Supremacist Nazi, with White Supremacist Extremist  Views, he also proudly wears a Nazi Swastika on his left leg.

He was again placed in Villawood IDC, following his most recent criminal convictions and having his visa cancelled in late 2019.

From day one, this Nazi was given a VVIP treatment from Australian Border Force & Serco.

An Iranian refugee was evicted from his room, and shipped over to BITA, to make room for Mr. Kertz.

The whole compound and all of the detainees could see Mr. Kertz being provided special treatment, if Mr. Kertz said jump, Australian Border Force, would say how high.



Mr. Kertz also used to have regular meetings with the Intelligence team of ABF & Serco.

Mr. Kertz used to regularly shout his White Supremacist slurs, like “Australia used to be a good White Country, now look what has happened to it”.

Mr. Kertz told me, that all the previous several times he has had his visa cancelled, because during those days “we just needed to show up to the Minister’s office with a bag of money”.


Mr. Kertz, unlike any other detainee, was extremely Confident of getting his Visa back this time as well, he said he has good connections with LNP MPs, and in the Australian Federal Police.

And true was that today on the Friday the 13th of March, on the Friday Anniversary of the Christchurch Terrorist Attack, Peter Dutton’s Department of Home Affairs, granted a known White Supremacist Nazi and a National Security Threat, a Visa, and released him back to the Community, was The Department of Home Affairs sending out a message by doing this?

Contrary to what Peter Dutton and Scott Morrison have been saying publicly, The Department of Home Affairs has a very discriminatory Immigration Policy, where a POC like myself continues to be held in Arbitrary Detention since 05/10/16, far away from my Disabled Australian Partner, even after I won my appeal in the Full Federal Court of Australia, and the Commonwealth Australian Human Rights Commission, declaring my detention to be Arbitrary, and calling for my Release.

Meanwhile White Supremacist Nazi, who has been Committing the most Gross Sexual Offences repeatedly for decades, and had his visa cancelled repeatedly, has been given entry back into the Australian Community over and over again over the years by the LNP Govt.

As was the case with Drug Lord William Betham, who was also granted a Visa by Minister Dutton, similarly here, because Mr. Kertz has had his Visa reinstated by either Minister Dutton himself, or one of his Delegates, the opaque process means that decision & reasoning as to why this Serial Serious Sex Offender & White Supremacist Nazi, was granted a Visa and released back into the Australian Community, will not be made public by the Department of Home Affairs.


LNP now has full monopoly on AAT and Department of Home Affairs, meaning it always come down to Peter Dutton and his delegates as to who gets to stay in Australia and who gets deported.


This Nazi Mr. Kertz has historical links to the LNP. During his previous immigration detentions, when the Bureaucrats cancelled Mr. Kertz’s Visa, the LNP was in power, and the Australian Labor Party on the floor of house said they will not oppose Mr. Kertz’s deportation.

Yet Mr. Kertz must hold some kind of record of being placed in immigration detention and managing to get his Visa back EVERY SINGLE time, while Mr. Kertz claims to get his Visa back by paying Bribes and using his LNP links, there is no way of having this investigated independently under this Govt.


Personally I don’t believe that anybody, who has called Australia home, and has, in essence, became an Australian minus on the Paper, should be Detained or Deported, but why does the LNP lie to the Australian Public, that Australia’s immigration policy is “non – discriminatory”, when there is enough evidence that there is one law for a White Man, and another law for someone like me.


G’day guys, my name is Nauroze Anees, also known as Rozay, a Nickname given to me by my Partner, & I have been kept in Arbitrary Detention by the Australian Government since 05/10/16. People have been following my journey on Twitter: @ForLovenFreedom

My Website: www.naurozeanees.com