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“This video is about the limits of Australian sovereignty and power”

We’ve all been told that AUKUS is what’s best for Australia’s defence needs by our Prime Minister Anthony Albanese.

“I was convinced by our capacity needs, that these could be filled by nuclear propulsion rather than by conventional subs. I was convinced it was necessary. It was the right call based on our changing strategic needs,” Albanese says. – The Albanese doctrine: ‘Don’t play politics with security’ – By Greg Sheridan – The Australian

So you can imagine my shock1 when Labor supporter supremo Jordan Shanks announced in a video that “Albo” was lying through his teeth and we were being conned by the Yanks! 



Just some of this disillusioned YouTuber’s critique – $368 BILLION SCAM

(Entire AI-generated transcript here)

ML: Shanks peppers his spiel with excuses and Labor-friendly omissions (such as Hawke’s collaboration with the CIA) but it’s still a damning indictment of his beloved Labor party. While being quick to censure Senator Thorpe over a minor (and justifiable) nightclub fracas, “Albo” has had nothing to say to Australia about being dominated and “scammed” by a foreign power.

Thankfully, Jordan Shanks reveals the PM’s perfidy and the absolute cowardice of what was once the party of Gough Whitlam.


Knowing your place


This is about the Australia United Kingdom, United States of America, Security Pact, or AUKUS for short, and my very influential say on it. Think about what you’re doing Albo. If Paul Keating hasn’t changed your mind, maybe me calling you cringe will prevent you doing something you basically have no control over. Like I get it, I completely get where you’re coming from but I’m on the net here.

So. This is going to be quite awkward. So I got to feed the beast of what the 20 year olds online want So, um, why don’t you single-handedly go up against our imperial overlords and tell them to fuck off? Huh, that would be as the net would say, BASED.



Anyway, if you don’t know what AUKUS is, it’s ostensibly a security pact between the three main English-speaking countries. (Get fucked, Canada.) It comes in the wake of the rise of China, or more accurately, the decline of the USA. It’s going to be the going-out-of-business security pact, where everything but Taiwan must go!

But what it really is, is the International Geopolitical Racketeering against Australia, the smallest, bestest, most winning country out of the three. It’s true though, it’s America basically saying, (Editor: Mafioso style accent) “Hey Australia, nice sovereignty you got there, yeah, but you worried about China, huh? Yeah, I would be too. I hear they might want to interfere with your democratic processes.”

“It’d be a shame if that happened, so I think we can help you out with a deal. Oh sweet, what’s the deal? You give us $368 billion. Eh? Yeah, and you get some nuclear submarines to stop China from getting up in your face. Top quality materials, top of the line. Look, they cut glass. So yeah, we’re spending $368 billion of our tax dollars on American nuclear submarines.”



“Keating: At the Kabuki show in San Diego a day or so ago, there’s three leaders standing there. Only one is paying, our bloke Albo. The other two, you know, they’ve got the band playing, happy days are here again. You know, the American president can hardly keep, put three coherent sentences together. And so, guess what, we’re going to pass across three hundred and eighty billion dollars, $US dollars over time and we have to build the bases here.”

So why is Labor going along with the security pact that very arguably isn’t in the sovereign interest of Australia or at the very least is opposed by the majority of rank and file members of the Labor Party and I’d suspect a large amount of its federal leaders as well?


Scarily, Fernandez (Editor: Clinton Fernandez a former Australian Army intelligence officer turned professor) says that the reason we’re getting nuclear is the cost. It’s deliberate. It’s designed to make it impossible for a future Australian government to have an independent defence policy.


ML: Just a reminder that this is what Labor has signed us up for – to regain power.


In fact, I would go as far as to say it’s probably opposed by our OWN Penny Wong. Well, I’m going to say something that might shock you, but America, despite maybe being less powerful than it was before, so yeah, we get that argument, it’s still extremely powerful. Remember, there is a verified cuck soon to have his finger on the button.

Australia has a rich history of the United States interfering in our democratic process and before that we had a rich history of the United Kingdom doing the same. There are some forces, and this will shock you, that are a little more powerful than the Australian Prime Minister. I really think getting angry at Albo about this is like getting angry at your local mayor.


Labor Prime Minister Gough Whitlam found that out the hard way. He wanted to nationalise Australia’s resources sector and threatened to shut down the USA’s Northern Territory spy base, Pine Gap, that they’re still probably using to this day to run drone wars. He ordered our intelligence agencies to cut ties with the US. Huge stuff. With the head of ASIO subordinating and not following Whitlam’s orders. It led to a royal commission into ASIO. But perhaps the most gangster of them all, Whitlam threatened to out CIA agents operating in Australia.


I’m pretty sure that’s why Whitlam was sacked by the Governor General. I don’t think it had much to do with the budget supply bill not getting through the Senate. Same Governor-General, by the way, that is pretty much on public record as a paid American intelligence operative. This video isn’t going to be a rundown explaining the American-backed coup of Gough Whitlam… the example of Whitlam clearly demonstrates limits of Australian sovereignty. A Prime Minister is not an Emperor, he is but a Governor in the Empire’s provinces. Another example, perhaps a little less clear cut, is that of Kevin motherfucking Rudd.



More of that Rudd revisionism

ML: Shanks has a deep love for Rudd which colours his views to the point of worthlessness. So I’ll spare you most of it and just point out, if Rudd was the freedom-fighter Shanks portrays, he wouldn’t be Australia’s American ambassador.

Nor would he be spruiking for American nuclear-powered submarines.





WikiLeaks diplomatic cables revealed that the United States was not too happy with old Ruddy, mainly because he was pursuing foreign policy independent of the United States, which at the time was dramatically shifting his focus to a rise in China.2


Shanks says Labor peppered with US-protected sources


Other US protected sources included the then-Secretary of the Australian Workers’ Union, Paul Howes, who reminded the US, don’t worry, Gillard isn’t a radical. Paul House has also been a keynote speaker at the Jewish National Fund Australia, a group that has been accused by other Jewish groups of land theft and ethnic cleansing.

Another protected source was Labor MP Michael Danby, a man who was so sycophantic to the United States and Israel that he made nationalists in those countries blush. He now works at some warmongering anti-extremism think tank funded by multiple different governments including the UK and Japan and an Israeli NGO called EGO monitor that basically goes you published a report that incorrectly inferred Palestinians are people.

(Yet) another was MP David Feeney He’s now a senior fellow at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute a think tank funded by multiple weapons manufacturers The Australian government and a plethora of other foreign governments including the US UK and Israel. Coincidentally, they’re probably the loudest think tank cheering on a war with China and AUKUS in Australia.


So of course, you can see them on the pages of the Sydney Morning Herald and on the ABC just about every day. Do you know what all the US protected sources within the Labor Party also had in common? In the leadership spill against Rudd, replacing him with a much more pro-Israel, pro-United States, less independent, less patriotic, let’s just be honest, downright worse Prime Minister (Gillard).

ML: Here’s Shanks bewailing American-protected sources in the Labor party, while telling us the Albanese Labor government has sold out this country’s sovereignty, safety and social well-being to American interests. It’s clear, his loyalty to the old firm is clouding his clarity.



But the thing is, sometimes acting in Australia’s national interest conflicts with Washington DC’s interests. Or Langley Virginia’s interests, or foreign corporate interests. Well, they all kind of overlap. How sad is it though, that this line comes from former Foreign Minister Bob Carr’s bio, Mr Rudd reflects on how few people run the country, the Murdoch Media, the Heads of Rio and BHP, probably the Heads of the Big Banks and that Mob, by which he means the hardline pro-Israel lobby in Melbourne.

You know if Albo opposed AUKUS he’d be out in a term, actually historically not even a term, half. My scorn is going to be for the cheap rats of the Labor Party that are bought off with a trip to Israel, some American leadership dialogue trip to Washington, or some shitty mysterious State Department funded MBA.



They’re supposed to be warriors (?) because they won’t shut the fuck up about national security. But they’re the biggest leakers to foreign governments in Australia. But it’s okay, because they’re good foreign governments. You see? So, sorry after the housing video, there’s kind of another dour video about the limits of power. But you watch, all the numbskulls in the comments are now going to say, Labor is two wings of the same bird, we’re run by cowards.

Yeah, you’re such a big man. I’m sure every time your boss tells you something you say, NO! FUCK OFF! I’M TAKING THIS COMPANY TO STRANGE NEW PLACES! Actually, maybe not, if you’re leaving that comment, come on, good chance you’re unemployed.


ML: Not a very apt analogy. If my boss told me to betray this country – lie to its people – force our poorest to go hungry and homeless – all while donating 100s of billions of dollars to the USA’s military industrial complex? I’d tell them to go fuck themselves. I’d also let the country know what was going on.

As for the unemployed person gibe? It diminishes you Shanks.



But you do need to get this through your head. There is an empire, and the Australian Prime Minister is not the Emperor. And that does not necessarily mean that you should not be supporting a good governor of said province. I mean, look at this, record employment figures, some of the most ambitious environmental reforms on earth.3 We’ll be talking about those real soon. Biggest hospital reform since Medicare. NDIS being turned back into an insurance scheme for the disabled, as opposed to an insurance scheme for consultants.4

ML: There we have it. This country is a province run by the USA and Albanese is the “governor of said province”. We need to get this “through our heads” apparently.


I could go on and on. But that is what a serious government does. They understand the limits of their power and they work within it. You may as well be getting mad at your local mayor for AUKUS. The way you expand that power isn’t by shitting on them, but by becoming an active citizen. You join your union, you join the Labor Party, and you participate. The more honest, decent, normal Australian patriots in these institutions, the better. And I can tell, because you watch Friendly Jordies, you’re all of the above, aren’t you?

– End transcript –


Book length deconstruction – (abbreviated)

Not sure how Shanks’ climactic sycophancy resolves describing Albanese and the Labor party as a bunch of cowardly lying Yank puppets robbing this country of social resources and placing us in danger for American unipolar interests? Guess he’s counting on the cognitive dissonance that sees his supporters describe themselves as Lefties. 

Becoming an “active citizen” in the American Empire? Fuck that! We’ve seen how that works for American citizens.

Join a union? Not too many that aren’t engulfed and disempowered by the Labor/Liberal Duopoly. Certainly join the ones which consider AUKUS an obscenity.

Seriously? Join the Labor party? After what Shanks has just told us about them? Any “decent, normal Australian patriots” would be repelled at being part of a cowardly, traitorous, lying puppet government.


“Australia being submissive to a foreign power means our governments, judicial system, media, police, intelligence agencies, indeed every instrumentality of the State is suspect. None truly capable of democratic autonomy.

Last election, we exchanged some willing collaborators for some cowardly collaborators.” – Labor Enabled AUKUS – Mick LawlessDingo News


Shanks’ attempts to justify and even condone his revelations about Labor are nonsensical at best. Maybe time to cut back on the Dutton Dust?

All his good work in exposing the Labor party’s bastardry is pointless, if he then claims their lies to the Australian people and subservience to a foreign power are somehow indicative of good governance.

“Oxfam has today (16 Jan’ 2023) revealed that the richest 1% of Australians have accumulated 10 times more wealth than the bottom 50% in the past decade, as cost-of-living pressures bite and global inequality spikes.

The richest 1% of Australians have squirrelled away more than $2500 a second (or $150,000 per minute) for 10 years straight.

Australian billionaire wealth is 61% higher than it was before the pandemic and there are 11 more billionaires today than there were in 2020″ – Australia’s richest 1% gain 10 times more wealth in past decade than bottom 50%: Oxfam


The people are being robbed of their commonwealth to enrich an insatiable parasite class. One that includes our PM and his Labor government.

Albanese and multi-millionaire Welfare Queen Sarina Russo at his birthday party


Is Shanks’ damning indictment of Labor correct?

Well one thing it isn’t – is new. These allegations of submission to the US go back to Hawke’s reign, where we witnessed the introduction of neoliberalism and the dismantling of our Trade union movement.

“Albanese also has faith in the US: “The thing about the US, it’s resilient. It’s such a big country, its structures are more important than any individual. I have confidence in the US going forward. Australia needs a strong US and we need a strong US in the region.”– The Albanese doctrine: ‘Don’t play politics with security’ – By Greg Sheridan – The Australian

This sycophantic statement devoid of Keatingesque analysis was made pre-election. Obviously, Labor’s Pax Americana pact AUKUS, was all about gaining permission to be the latest Vichy-like government for American corporate/military interests. The military and economic presence of the USA in our region is insanely strong compared to China’s. A country actually residing in our region. A reality “Albo”, Wong and Marles always omit in their rants about growing Chinese militarism.

As Shanks has pointed out, they’re all lying through their teeth to the Australian people and we’re paying for it.

Caitlin: “In reality, Australia is not arming itself against China to protect itself from China.
Australia is arming itself against China to protect itself from the United States.” – Source

Putting aside the contradictions, omissions, misconceptions and his absurd attempts to rationalise Labor betraying Australia and its people’s interests – this is undoubtedly Shanks’ best and most honest work.

Shanks has interviewed Labor entities Jodi McKay, Tanya Plibersek, Kristina Keneally, Bill Shorten, Helen Dalton and former prime minister Kevin Rudd – a personal friend. So it will be hard for critics to discount his views as anti-Labor or attack his credibility as a Labor insider.

It will also be a little difficult to blame the Liberals for Labor’s traitorous behaviour, when they’ve continually endorsed the Yanks’ ever-strengthening grip on Australia’s sovereignty – even adding some flourishes of their own.



As to any criticism of my own humble efforts in amplifying Shanks’ exposé – which indicates the Albanese Labor government deserve to be locked up for treason with their co-conspirators the LNP – I need only point the gentle reader to Shanks’ video and transcript which make that conclusion indisputable.



– FINI –




¹ Not really “shocked” (used for dramatic effect) – more surprised that Shanks would portray the Labor party as a collective of lying, treacherous American puppets.

An article containing those WikiLeaks doesn’t cast quite the same light as Shanks’ analysis.

“The cables also refer to ”control freak” tendencies and ”persistent criticism from senior civil servants, journalists and parliamentarians that Rudd is a micro-manager obsessed with managing the media cycle rather than engaging in collaborative decision-making”.

Even after being PM, Rudd was very concerned with his image.

To be fair, Rudd tried to do his best for the Palestinian people, not an easy task in a Labor party seemingly run by American/Israeli interests.


Labor’s environmental record since gaining power is abysmal. Beetaloo, Scarborough and that useless Safeguard Mechanism to mention just a few of the ecological disasters Labor has unleashed upon us. Plibersek is a con-artist at best.

4   The NDIS is under attack by Labor – Senator Jordon Steele-John, Disabled Person and Australian Greens spokesperson for Disability Rights and Services: “Let’s be really clear, The Greens want to see an increase in funding for the NDIS. Right now, too many disabled people are not able to get the support they need to live a good life.

Labor’s announcement to have a target for spending growth is sounding a lot like a cap on the NDIS. The notion of a cap is a broken promise from the Albanese government and is causing tremendous concern in the disability community. (Link inserted)

If the federal government caps funding to the scheme at 8% growth, this announcement will see over $50 Billion less allocated to the NDIS over the decade. De-funding the NDIS by this amount is completely unacceptable.

My question to Minister Shorten is, who is no longer going to get the support they need because the Labor government is choosing to prioritise tax cuts for Billionaires and spending billions of dollars on submarines as part of the AUKUS pact?”

Kye’s heartfelt comment – sums up succinctly – how many feel about this issue.

Link to article Kye is referencing

‘The Mandarin’ seemed less than impressed too.

“Even so, Shorten is doubling down on a bureaucratic get-fit regime for the NDIS.

“The hard truth is this: the NDIS is not what it should be. It is not delivering the outcomes Australians with disability need and the Australian public expects,” he will say.

Until then, or at least the Budget, it’s plain old fraud control as usual for anyone getting benefits from the government, to rein in costs.

Some things never change, royal commissions or otherwise.




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