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A short thesis on the role of the Senate

The Senate acts as a house of review and this (supposedly) prevents the government from becoming an authoritarian corporate handmaiden, divorced from the wishes of the people.


Approval to go to war

So a bit of a failure in that regard.

Foreign powers, corporate donors and their partners-in-crime the Main Stream Media (MSM) actually dictate policy in Australia. Best to see most politicians as their puppets in the theatre we call Australian democracy.

– End of thesis


The people need a voice in their future

Now you’re up to speed you can see how important it is to have a viable Senate composed of people less concerned about their party and more about this country and its people.

Unfortunately, party politics, the bane of liberal democracy rears its ugly heads like a meth-fueled hydra whenever there’s talk of social justice. Labor had a few goes at reformist policy (albeit mild) but has given up and under the autocratic “Albo” grabbed the Liberal’s policies and made them their own

Happily, not even our corporate-ruled, media-backed autocracy can completely control who we select as an MP or Senator. So we get The Greens, progressive Independents and some Right-Wing nutjobs, as well as the corporate-preferred Labor-Liberal-Duopoly shills.¹




The wonderfully eclectic Lidia Thorpe and that dour Scots College product Penny Wong are useful vehicles for comparison, analysis and logical reframing.

In common, both are women in a patriarchal political system and of ‘non-traditional political ethnicity’ but it’s fair to say they have some differences too. 

Lidia and Penny were also chosen because they’ve both made news headlines lately.

Penny Wong

Penny is a career politician famous for being openly gay and opposing gay rights, as is the curious wont of Labor politicians to oppose their own interests and ethics.



Can Labor MPs cross the floor?

A member of parliament who crosses the floor may be considered a traitor to their party. Members of parliament may be convinced not to cross the floor because they know: their party provides support and financial security in return for their loyalty. Their party may impose a ban on crossing the floor – Crossing the floor – Parliamentary Education Office


Sounds like something one would create to mock Labor politicians.

This dictatorial party line is what Wong is held to. She’s been in politics for 20 years so she’s clearly adapted to being a party stooge beholden to their masters’ interests.

Penny just gave a speech at the National Press Club which is (naturally) sponsored by Defence contractors BAE Systems, Thales, Lockheed Martin, SAAB and a host of other corporations with far more influence than the Australian people.

She did her best to make China the military expansionist bogeyman while defending/normalising the imprisonment of Assange for revealing US war crimes. 2

The Chinese response to being crowded by the USA’s military bases and threatened by NATO seems a sane one to anyone with a passing knowledge of Chinese history or an IQ in the double digits.



However, Penny will always take the USA’s side in any argument about their penchant for interfering in other countries’ affairs including our own.

Whether it’s Israel (the USA’s outpost in the Middle East), the USA’s proxy war in Ukraine or bullying our “Pacific family” on behalf of American interests – Penny’s available to propagandise on their behalf.

Just a reminder that Ms Wong is supposed to work for us. Not the Yanks. Not the corporations. Wong is a servant of the Australian people.3


Lidia Thorpe

It’s almost embarrassing to draw comparisons between Lidia, a gentle (if outspoken) social warrior and the US puppet Wong but circumstances force one’s hand. Currently, the MSM and our PM are excoriating Lidia for acts that are inconsequential, while lauding Wong’s undiplomatic efforts that will profit the US military-industrial complex, damage our capacity to help our needy and heighten chances of regional conflict.

Lidia’s “sins” (essentially everything she says and does) are paltry compared to Wong’s and the governmental processes that exist to transfer wealth from our poorest to our richest.

Still, let’s get them out there…

…Lidia had a relationship with a biker.4 Swore at some yobbos outside a nightclub. Did a couple of protests that didn’t involve violence or even property damage. Refused to get all servile (like “Albo”) to a dead Queen and her replacement parasite. Blah, blah, blah…

There’s probably some other stuff that has offended the assorted racists, pearl-clutchers and moral hypocrites Lidia so effortlessly excites but again it’ll be laughably inconsequential. I just can’t see why we are bothered with these distractive inanities as the planet warms up and our fearful population is inundated daily with American-driven ‘China war talk’.


What’s it all about “Albo?”

Lidia has strong oppositional views about AUKUS and “Albo’s” pet vanity project, the First Nations Voice to Parliament.

The Voice is probably the only difference between the Labor/Liberal wings of the Duopoly but necessary for product differentiation. Another feel-good effort from Labor along the lines of The National Apology but even more cynical and controlling. To simplify, predatory Capitalism and Aboriginal self-empowerment can not co-exist.

Politicians never listen to Aboriginal people. Anyone with a mote of cultural knowledge would know that Aboriginal people are traditionally opposed to drinking toxic water, having their land ruined by fracking and deforestation and being shot dead with impunity by killer cops.

“Independent senator Lidia Thorpe says she will “hold it right to the line” in not declaring a position on the First Nations Voice to Parliament unless recommendations from two landmark reports (Editor: The decades-old Bringing Them Home Report and the Royal Commission into Aboriginal deaths in custody – BDIC) into the disadvantages faced by Indigenous Australians are implemented.” – Lidia Thorpe sets Voice terms, Ken Wyatt rejects ‘offensive’ Indigenous identity checkBy Finn McHugh, Emma Kellaway – SBS

Hardly a radical stance given the continuation of black deaths in custody since the Royal Commission and the non-implementation of most of the Bringing Them Home report’s recommendations.

The fact that Lidia’s objections are so reasonable and logical, makes the PM’s “enthusiasm” for The Voice to Parliament look even more like performative bullshit to cover up these and many other failings in Aboriginal policy. No wonder Albanese went full Morrison (albeit more cunningly) at Lidia.


…no fury like a dictator scorned

If anyone believes “Albo” has the interests of Aboriginal people at heart, they need only see this powerful old white man attacking Lidia, an outspoken blak woman who refuses to bend her knee to our COVID-wracked Caligula.

Here’s “Albo” being all “sweetness and light” towards Lidia on a Right Wing radio show…

I hope that Lidia gets some support. I think that that level of behaviour is quite clearly unacceptable. And I think there are obvious issues that need to be dealt with in terms of her health issues.

These are not the actions of anyone who should be participating in society in a normal way, let alone a senator,” Albanese told 2SM. “And Lidia needs to be very conscious of the way in which this behaviour has been seen. They are repeat exercises now.”

Albanese pointed to Thorpe’s behaviour at Sydney’s Mardi Gras in February when she lay on the ground in front of a float, temporarily halting the parade until she was removed by police.

“That was actually a truck for Twenty10, a youth service that looks after young gay and lesbian people and a service from my electorate. Why someone would lay in front of that truck in order to get attention is beyond my comprehension and I hope that she gets some form of support,” Albanese said.


Lidia’s response to the PM’s “racist and misogynistic narrative”

Lidia’s response to the PM’s ableist attack was very restrained. Surprised she hasn’t taken legal action or demanded an apology.

“There is a history of white men in power using the media to attack and demonise Blak people [who] stand up to racism,” Senator Thorpe said.

“They did the same thing to Adam Goodes and Heritier Lumumba when they called out racism. Saying I need ‘mental help’ is a continuation of the old racist and misogynistic narrative used to discredit and silence outspoken and strong women, particularly Blak women.” – Lidia Thorpe says prime minister is trying to silence her, after strip club altercation

“The independent senator Lidia Thorpe says speculation about her mental health is a “racist and misogynistic narrative” used to discredit outspoken women and claims political opponents including Anthony Albanese are trying to “drag” her down.

In Thorpe’s statement, she said she was “not afraid to challenge the government and fight to improve the lives of First Nations People in this country.” – Lidia Thorpe says mental health speculation is ‘racist and misogynistic’ attempt to discredit her – Senator says she was provoked and stood up for herself after video showed expletive-laden row outside Melbourne strip club – Josh Butler – The Guardian


Deconstructing our Labor PM’s narrative

Essentially “Albo” labelled Lidia’s behaviour as “unacceptable” and tied it to mental issues. His minders obviously told him to soften mental issues with “health issues”. This from a guy with no psych training and a history of political ruthlessness and authoritarianism.

“Albanese’s Hard Left cohered around an aristocracy of union secretaries, political staffers, lobbyists, and student politicians, mainly graduates from the elite University of Sydney.

The Hard Left consolidated their clique’s power at the expense of rank-and-file members.” – Labor’s Anthony Albanese Is Not a Friend of Australia’s Left — And He Never Was – By Nicholas Daniel – Jacobin

The drips (a horde of deluded Labor enthusiasts on Twitter who believe they’re Left Wing) have tried to defend “Albo’s” monstrous slurs against a sitting Senator.


It seems even the drips know this is unconscionable behaviour by the PM. Hence their pitiful attempts at revisionism.



You thought the militarisation of police was scary?

Labelling dissidents as mentally unstable has a long tradition. Most (Western) sources cite Russia and China but it occurs in every country to different degrees. A great tool for “managing” homosexuality too.5

Let’s make no mistake about it. This was a premeditated and calculated tactic by Albanese to cause Lidia reputational harm. A blak woman labelled as mentally incompetent by a sitting Prime Minister is made immediately vulnerable. Who would believe anything Lidia had to say if she was the victim of an ugly incident?

Albanese: “These are not the actions of anyone who should be participating in society in a normal way, let alone a senator,” Albanese told 2SM. “And Lidia needs to be very conscious of the way in which this behaviour has been seen. They are repeat exercises now.”

“Albo’s” “…anyone who should be participating in society in a normal way …” is just dark. Especially when we remember how Labor stopped one dissident/whistleblower from “participating in society in a normal way”.

“Wilson was taken away by Queensland Fixated Threat Assessment Centre (QFTAC) police, not charged with anything, but was detained and involuntarily injected with an antipsychotic drug, aripiprazole (brand name: Abilify Maintena), which is commonly used in the treatment of schizophrenia.

QFTAC claimed Wilson was delusional, but in the opinion of an independent clinical consulting psychologist, she is suffering post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) following the ordeal of her whistleblowing, and is not delusional. Wilson had merely been trying to contact the relevant Minister about evidence of alleged wrongdoing, but instead of acting on the evidence, the minister or her office referred her to QFTAC.” Are the thought police coming? – Blotreport


Albo’s ‘repeat exercises’

This is not even the first time “Albo” has stooped to this gutter level in the name of political expedience.

Remember when animal rights activists were targeting farms?

“We are not the Liberal Party and we are not the Green party. There are two major pieces of legislation in industrial relations. Trade unions are part of our constituency. Vegan terrorists are not,” Mr Albanese said.

Several Labor MPs including former frontbencher Kim Carr, Ged Kearney and Libby Coker raised concerns the ALP was “capitulating” – a claim rejected by Penny Wong.6Labor leader Anthony Albanese stands firm on important issues, not ‘vegan terrorists’ – The New Daily

Farmers are usually armed, so painting non-violent activists sneaking onto a property at night as “terrorists” could provoke an inappropriate, even lethal response.

The calibre of other politicians who have used this terminology, Amanda Stoker (Liberal Party), Pauline Hanson and Malcolm Roberts (One Nation), says much about the ideological company “Albo” keeps.


Let’s glue all this together in point(ish) form

Obviously, Lidia has been targeted for her political opinions – not her mildly outre behaviour – by a hostile PM and media owned by corporate interests.

The comparisons between Lidia and Wong’s behaviour demonstrate how absurd and politically weighted these attacks are on Lidia.

When Albanese’s remarks about a political dissident’s sanity are contextualised with the available police powers he has on tap to deal with “problem” people accused of mental instability – they take on a sinister aspect.

There have been myriad incidents of much greater import and with far more societal impact that Albanese has refused to comment upon. Yet he decided a nightclub stoush was deserving of his conjecture? The same man who thanked Gladys “for her service” when she was forced to resign for corruption?

A corrupt Liberal National Party is yet to see any consequences for their years of appalling behaviour but a Senator involved in a minor nightclub fracas gets an immediate Prime Ministerial response? Only the drips could swallow this as anything less than a ruthless political ploy to silence a dissenting Aboriginal voice.




– Fini –


 Senator Lidia Thorpe interview – Tom Tanuki (Added 25/04/2023)




¹ It’s considered important to the ruling class that our political system has a semblance of democracy, while its functions and connections to donors remain opaque to us hoi polloi.

²  You can read it here or enjoy this critique from the WSWS which describes Penny’s speech as “convoluted and self-contradictory”. Quite a generous assessment considering it’s a train wreck.

³  Warning: Pointing out to the Police that they work for you and that you pay their wages – is not advised. (Learn from my youthful mistakes) Remember, they can kill you with impunity.

4  As a biker who’s ridden with outlaws, cops and the military, the hackneyed depictions of biker life used to taint Lidia’s relationship were at best insultingly inaccurate.

My mother worked in a “mental institution” as a nurse in Ireland (when Catholicism was is in its heyday) where one of the inmates was being “treated” for lesbianism.

6 Penny holding the party line to pass legislation against protesters with the LNP, eclipses any of Lidia’s supposed bad behaviour.



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