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A beery celebration of the NSW Government’s next stage in the “live with the virus” debacle





Susan Eaton (a NSW voter) was rightfully dismayed to see the NSW Re-opening reduced to a display of pale-faced males swilling beer in pubs.

NSW deaths & infections (Link to NSW Health)


Susan exercised her democratic right to air her concern about this Boy’s Only beer-fest to NSW Premier Dom Perrottet.





A measured response to the Premier’s behaviour that was echoed throughout the land by Health Care Workers (HCWs) and Domestic Violence advocates who have to deal with the ravages alcohol causes our society everyday….





…those tired of politicians cosplaying their perception of “Australians” and normalising alcohol abuse.





…and critics seeing it as a sop to the Liquor and Gambling industries that have so much power over the major parties.



(Image: Private Media) – Extended (in the name of political inclusion) by Dingo News


“Australians are the biggest gamblers on earth, losing more than $24 billion a year. According to The Economist, gambling losses of $1068 per adult in 2017 were 40 per cent higher than in the next highest country, Singapore, more than twice as high as in the United States, about three times the level in the United Kingdom, more than four times that in Germany and France and 30 times as large as those in Ireland.

One explanation for Australia’s world-record gambling spend is cultural preference. From Birdsville to the trenches, a love of the punt has supposedly been central to national identity.

The other explanation for why Australians became the world’s biggest gamblers during the 1990s was that the expansion of gambling was a deliberate government policy choice.” (Source) The lie of ‘responsible gambling’ – The Monthly



Dom Perrottet’s staffers reflect his own misogynistic worldview

The response Susan received was as follows…




Seriously? – Adam Foda’s response to a woman questioning a Public male-only piss-up, to celebrate an avoidable lockdown caused by his party’s ideological hubris, is to berate her for mentioning the Premier’s gender?

“Inappropriate?” It’s the whole fucking point!

And then the paternalistic, “I thought in 2021 we would have moved beyond such things.”

Suddenly Susan’s the sexist?

Q. What sort of smug, ideologically twisted cretin, would you have to be, to even come up with this insulting, evasive drivel?

A.  Adam is a Liberal staffer




Liberal staffers are one of the lowest forms of political life

Liberal staffers are notoriously misogynistic and dishonest, favouring a conservative worldview that was considered “square” in the 1950’s. 

Whether it’s masturbating over a female MP’s desk, lying to institute a racist Intervention or even getting involved in a rape trial, these boys can be counted on to go to any extreme necessary to enhance their careers and egos.

This is Mr Foda having a rant in 2012 about his fellow students protesting against university job cuts.





From Adam’s description of the protestors, one would count the police officer lucky not to have been dismembered and eaten by them.

The injury occurred while Police were arresting three protestors none of whom were charged. In fact the lead story in the Daily Telegraph concentrates on Police brutality




Mr Foda is yet another “free speech” warrior opposed to peaceful protest, unless it’s hordes of unvaccinated plague spreaders – angered by measures to reduce deaths and infections – protesting in a Labor state.

So why does Perrottet employ these misogynistic ideologues, clearly lacking in life-skills and talent?

Essentially, because they are mirror images of himself. Toxic mini-mes.

Like their mentor, they were formed by political ideology, religion and class and share his narcissistic entitlement.


“Perrottet cut his teeth campaigning for Liberal Prime Minister John Howard’s attacks on student unions while President of the Sydney University Young Liberal Club. But being a run-of-the-mill Liberal Party warrior for the rich and powerful wasn’t enough. He tried to smash the “moderate” Liberals and build the hard right of the party (dubbed the “Taliban” faction for their social attitudes) under notorious MP David Clarke. (Who incestuously enough, Mr Foda worked for as a research assistant)This faction made headlines when videos emerged of them at a National Union of Students’ conference singing “God Save the Queen” over an Indigenous elder giving a welcome to country, and chanting “We’re racist, we’re sexist, we’re homophobic!”
Perrottet seems to yearn for those days. Last year, when treasurer, he shared a bizarre social media post attacking Socialist Alternative student clubs and supporting Generation Liberty, the student wing of the conservative Institute of Public Affairs.”
 (Source – Red Flag)



“The Hon Dominic Perrottet MP says his favourite memories were debating policy at Young Liberal Council, running election campaigns, and fighting the good fight against socialists and the Labor Party on campus.”



Since Foda’s fail as a human, Dom Perrottet has had to do some PR work to stem criticism. The Twitterati certainly giving him cause to enact some damage control.



Profuse apologies from Don and even a promise to give all of his mirroring mini-mes, “training and instruction on best customer service practice by the Department of Parliamentary Services.”

Hopefully, Dom’s boys will learn how to ape civility when dealing with women and others they consider inferior.






Adam Foda

Foda joined the Premier’s electoral office in November 2019.

His online bio said he had previously worked as a research assistant for former right-wing NSW Liberal kingmaker and ex-Justice Secretary David Clarke (you’ll see him mentioned above in relation to Perrottet in his Uni days) from April 2018.

In January 2019, he then became an acting office manager for Hawkesbury MP, Robyn Preston, who took over the constituency from Mr Perrottet in 2019. (Source)

The entitled chancers who join Conservative clubs at University, see it as a pathway to riches with minimum effort.

Intelligence, or a capacity for independent thought are clearly unnecessary, the latter unwelcome and a detriment to advancement within the Liberal party.

Since exposing the culture of misogynistic classism in Dom’s office, Mr Foda has deleted his Linked-in account and gone undercover.




Ironically, misogynist Dom was Gladys’ hand-puppet when it came to dodgy financial dealings

“In another tapped phone call between the pair, Ms Berejiklian was heard telling Mr Maguire on a tapped phone she could get him “$170 million in five minutes”.

Ms Berejiklian could also be heard saying the then-treasurer, now NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet “just does what I ask him to do”, in the phone call played at the ICAC on Friday.” –






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