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 Liberal MP Nicolle Flint. Picture: Gary Ramage
Editor’s thingy

Quite amusing to see this level of projection from Mr Shanks, who accused Ms Flint of being, “a whiny little bitch who was unable to take criticism”

This was entirely the reason for his inaccurate and insulting rant against the AUWU, which was supported by Labor “heavies”

Not saying I disagree entirely with what Mr Shanks has to say – just the manner in which he says it and the glaring political partisanship which undoes most of his “logic”.

Hopefully, Gina Rinehart is too busy with yacht moorings in Qld to sue our misogynist True Believer. 😀 


Left-wing political YouTuber Friendlyjordies has been condemned by federal Liberal MP Nicolle Flint after devoting an ­entire abusive episode of his podcast to the retiring backbencher in which he labels her a “hobo”, a “shit local member” and a “whiny little bitch”.


The self-proclaimed “political satirist” also describes Ms Flint as the second-most-evil-looking woman on Earth behind former foreign minister Julie Bishop, and suggests she has become a crusader on women’s issues to make up for her irrelevance as an MP.


Friendlyjordies, whose real name is Jordan Shanks-­Markovina, was forced to issue an apology earlier this year after former NSW deputy premier John Barilaro complained he had defamed him as corrupt in a video post.


He turned his attention to Ms Flint on Monday, who became aware of his 15-minute ­tirade ­entitled Nicolle Flint: Enemy to Women? only after she started being trolled by a large number of his 90,000 Twitter followers. “Hey, do you know who ­Nicolle Flint is?” his latest post begins.


“She’s a hobo that wanders the streets of Adelaide wearing a garbage bag. Paranoid. Always looking around for anyone who even inhabits the same space as her, at which point she will yell out like South Australia’s version of Mad Dog, ­‘Sexist!’ ”



Nicolle Flint wears a garbage bag dress in a Facebook video posted last year.
Nicolle Flint wears a garbage bag dress in a Facebook video posted last year.  
Jordan Shanks. Picture: Facebook
Jordan Shanks. Picture: Facebook


The “hobo” description of Ms Flint is a reference to a Facebook video she posted last year where she wore a dress made out of a plastic garbage bag in protest after Adelaide journalist Peter Goers wrote a column ridiculing the MP’s appearance.


The latest video reprises a post about which Ms Flint complained in a speech to federal parliament earlier this year in which Friendlyjordies labelled the MP “a whiny little bitch” who was unable to take criticism.


The profanity-laden post repeatedly tells Ms Flint to “f..k off” from politics and also refers to her as “Dick-hole Flint”.


It also includes disparaging ­remarks about mining magnate Gina Rinehart, ABC 7.30 host Leigh Sales, Project co-host Lisa Wilkinson and former NSW premier Gladys Berejiklian.


In order, he compares the women to a pig, a rat and a chimp, and ­describes Ms Berejiklian as something called “a penis snake”.


Ms Flint said she was dismayed by what she called the “relentlessly menacing” tone of the latest post.


“The thing I find disturbing is the level of effort and energy he has taken in this long post to ­attack not only me but all these other women in such a creepy and appearance-based way,” she said.


“We should call this out for what it is. To call a woman a whiny little bitch is demonstrably sexist. There is no debating that.”


Ms Flint – who has spent much of her two-term political career campaigning for greater recognition of endometriosis and improved support for families who lose children to still birth – said she felt insulted he accused her of being “a do-nothing MP”.


“If that’s what passes for ­debate in politics, no wonder people want no part of it,” she said.