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Dutton: “We’re not listening to the Twitter crazies.”




Dutton’s “spirit of preparation”

The USA’s (well Trump’s) shambolic response to the Coronavirus, mirrored by the Australian and English portions of the Murdochracy¹ has had predictable results. 

Australia’s head honcho of biosecurity Peter Dutton, an ex-Queensland copper, whose only talent seems to be enriching himself, has become infected with the Coronavirus during a recent trip to the USA.

This is extremely embarrassing for the Morrison-led Liberal National Party (LNP) government as it demonstrates Dutton’s complete lack of foresight and ignorance of basic measures regarding Coronavirus protection.


Dutton has been fighting the virus on ideological grounds for the past month…


#thereisagodTrending on Twitter due to Dutton’s Coronavirus infection

It was as though a Twitter gestalt intelligence sprang to life at the news of Dutton’s affliction and it spoke thus, “There is a God!” #thereisagod



Blueticks² take the ‘moral high ground’ and wish a racist and torturer well

News of Dutton’s infection by Coronavirus provoked predictable responses. Many were pleased by the universe’s karmic justice, while some took the holier than thou stance.

Dutton’s arrogance, lies, cruelty and racism, as well as the deaths and suffering he has visited on thousands of helpless people (already victims of war, torture and mental anguish), took a backseat to people showing off their acutely evolved moral sensitivity.

Let’s hope David gets well and recovers his sense of proportion soon.

There’s not much sympathy for mass murderers and white supremacists outside of politics.

Perhaps Katharine is hoping that  “being human” to a monster will spare her home being raided by Dutton’s pet attack dogs the Australian Federal Police (AFP)?

Good luck with that Katharine.


‘On yer Max.

While I am against the death penalty because I don’t trust any State to act responsibly or justly with the power of life and death over its citizens, that doesn’t mean I am going to weep when someone I know to be innately evil and devoid of compassion and empathy for others, suffers hardship or even death.

Their victims are far more deserving of our compassion.





We’re not all in this together

This is Labor MP Tom Koutsantonis weeping for his comrade Dutton’s misfortune.

Tom’s first thought wasn’t calling Dutton out (a dangerous incompetent charged with protecting our borders) over his bringing Coronavirus into Australia.


(March, 20, ’20)


End of Insert


No. It was protecting him from the meanies on Twitter. 

That’s “Appalling” Tom.

Same pathetic lack of response by Labor to Dutton’s racist tunnel-vision and constant support of white supremacist hate that contributed to innocent people being slaughtered in New Zealand.


Everyone who spews vile, hateful rhetoric have their hands tainted
with the blood of the victims
from the mosque attacks in Christchurch.


Why side with Dutton, a man whose arrogance and lack of compassion for others has now endangered himself?
Maybe because like Dutton, Tom is a conservative with neoliberal values…



…so much so, that the deaths and suffering of refugees and the mental torture of their children are probably of little consequence to Tom, who has spent 23 years at the public trough accumulating $2,000,000 and distancing himself from workers and a growing underclass. You’re certainly not about Socialism, Tom.

What a privileged, protective (and protected) class is our Duopoly.



This is a classic example of how out of touch our ruling class are with the society they are supposed to serve.


Civility as supplication

I’ll let David answer Nyadol’s convoluted humanising bit…




Will end this Twittery tale on a positive note.

No. Not that. (Apparently, Dutton is recovering).



Mick Lawless | 18 march 2020







“Dutton not only presides over monstrous cruelty and deliberately spreads racist hate, he churns through billions of our dollars with no accountability”.



¹Murdochracy is a hijacking of democracy by controlling, restricting and distorting the information on which people make decisions to vote.

² Bluetick: Slang term for someone who is “verified” on Twitter, derived from the blue bubble with a tick in it that appears next to their name. Usually used in a derisive sense, particularly with reference to journalists, as “bluetick” journalists will often exist in the same small network and therefore become susceptible to groupthink.

³ Keating’s personal fortune is $65M. Dutton’s is about $300M.