Just in case you’re in any doubt about Morrison’s intent here, this is a 2009 interview with the photographer your taxes are paying for, to photograph ScottMorrisonwhohastospend15daysinquarantineafterreturningfromJapan

An advertising-glossies photographer, (not so much news media)








In his cosy little soft-ball-of-knitting chat that aims to do nothing more than provide #bullshitandspin opps for Scott Morrison, we see young @tomsteinfort hit the leader of our country with a dynamic, between the eyes shot.



Are JenAndTheGirls™️ bringing him Tim Tams?


In this next, lethal hit by young gun @tomsteinfort, we see Morrison framed as the “Father Of The Nation” (something his comms team work very hard at getting into voter’s sub-conscious). *1

So the Premiers are cast as kiddies, Morrison is gifted with the mature, responsible role.


– Insert –

“The best protection against the virus is to live with the virus, to live alongside the virus and to open up your economy.” – Scott Morrison 16/07/2020

– End Insert –


Note also in that last image, we’re reminded for the 58,000th time this month that Scott Morrison has martyred himself for Australia & is sacrificing himself for you.

A nice biblical touch to his usual #bullshitandspin but still photoganda.

So lucky @60Mins reminded us.


In essence this “interview” was nothing more than a prearranged piece of Morrison branding.

He was obviously aware of the tone and thrust of this 6 minutes of ooze, suggesting his comms people and @60Mins had agreed on some, erm “terms”

To call it fluff would be an insult to lint.



And just to ram the whole theme down Australian’s necks, here’s the opening from this morning’s @MaccasAustralia dribble:

SM – G’day Macca. It’s nice to talk to you

M – Yeah you too. Now tell me this – ARE YOU STILL IN LOCKDOWN?

SM – Yeah I’m in isolation down here in Canberra #ScottyFromPhotoOps




Ronni Salt









Editor *1) An alarming number of kings, dictators, presidents, and the like, embody the shadow qualities of the (Father) archetype.

Historians have accounted for Hitler’s rise to power by his uncanny understanding and manipulation of the desperation and dissatisfaction of many German citizens. If his determination to restore Germany to its former glory won him adoration as a worthy and strong father figure, his inhumanity toward Jews and others expressed a collective need to blame others/outsiders for the country’s troubles.

Cult leaders such as Jim Jones, Charles Manson, or David Koresh also took on the status of father figures, playing out on a grand scale the violent, destructive, and anti-social aspects of the father archetype. These men are our abusive fathers writ large.







Australian PM Scott Morrison – Undermining democracy with a politically compliant mass media – Ronni Salt

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