#ScottyFromMarketing evades Robodebt and War Crimes and returns from Japan with a photoganda campaign – Ronni Salt


Scott Morrison’s endless boasting about his #15daysofquarantineaftervisitingJapan (thought up by his comms team to martyr him) has been coincidentally picked up by @60Mins in a lovely little organised marketing tie-in.

Look here: Ch 9 haven’t even bothered to change the wording.





I’m not too sure about this.

And correct me if I’m wrong . . .









. . . but I think Scott Morrison would like Australians to know – and it’s only a hint now you realise – but I think he wants us to know . . .







. . . that he’s having to spend 15 days in quarantine after returning from Japan.

Just a guess.








Continues –


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