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Unlike Shanks, who ignored any oppositional view to his prejudicial narrative, I contacted people who have beefs with the AUWU, because I would hate to look a fraction as foolish and vindictive as he does, after going public with my views.

One person I talked to, stated they’d offered to fact check for Friendly Jordies, but that offer was ignored. Why knock back such assistance? Maybe because he’d already decided that facts were not going to stand in the way of his political polemic?

The consensus view (remember these are from people not enamored with the AUWU) was that the video was offensive to unemployed people. No-one seemed to know about the alleged helpline saga either.


Unfortunately for Shanks’ credibility, once his performance is stripped of its vicious inaccurate hyperbole and dramatic overacting, all that’s left is the realisation that this video is really just about gratifying his political sponsors and avenging himself against some unemployed youths, who don’t share Shanks’ egotistical assessment of his intellectual and artistic prowess.

While those with little knowledge or interest in politics might benefit from exposure to his antics, his pro-Labor propaganda detracts from the value of the messaging. Outright lies, such as his ‘Bill Shorten stopped Robodebt’ take, are insulting to those who fought against Labor’s Frankenstein’s monster.

Labor flips on ‘robo-debt’ system Shorten, Plibersek pioneered

“Labor’s leadership team of Bill Shorten and Tanya Plibersek pioneered the “robo-debt” data-matching system Centrelink is using to target current and former welfare recipients for apparently not declaring their income properly — but they now argue it should be suspended.”

“The automated system of matching income data from the tax office and income as reported to Centrelink to identify discrepancies was announced in a joint release­ by the then minister for human services, Ms Plibersek, and the then assistant treasurer, now Opposition Leader, in June 2011, adding an extra $71 million to the budget.”

“Under a dramatic escalation of the same system, the Coal­ition plans to recover almost $4bn in debt over the next four years, partly helped by a bipartisan vote in parliament that extended the statute of limitations on old debt that can be chased.”


Robodebt court documents show government was warned 76 times debts were not legally enforceable – September 19, 2020


Why would an “Eco-warrior” promulgate RW Labor propaganda?

The current Labor party, their blue-tick amplifiers and QAnon-like acolytes are conservatives who lionise past Labor leaders and crow about past Labor policy victories only to dismantle them when in power.

The party is run by its Right Wing faction and its Centre Unity faction include such luminaries as the Shadow Resources Minister, Joel Fitzgibbon.

Poor ol’ Joel got a scare in his coal seat at the last election so he, “took aim at the party’s environmental arm, Labor Environment Action Network, saying it was an obstacle to electoral success.”

The Labor party have now backed this Fossil Fuel troglodyte – releasing their draft policy platform which ditched the party’s 2030 emissions reduction target.

This is the pragmatism Shanks endorses – The planet can burn, as long as Labor win some seats and satisfy their donors and future employers the Fossil Fuel industry.



No self-respecting progressive (indeed anyone slightly Left of imprisoning brown children indefinitely and turning rain-forests into toilet-paper) – should have anything to do with Labor.



We’re talking about a Labor party that raised the pension age, put single mums on Newstart and made the Disability Support Pension (DSP) a bloody nightmare in their last incarnation.


Politically selective activism

From what I’d gleaned from Shanks’ Eco-activism, the only threats to koalas and other wildlife occur in NSW which is not a Labor state.

So imagine my shock when I did a little research and found that koalas not only inhabit Labor states, but that Labor states were subsidising the logging industry too!


Victoria (Vic)

 Vicforests doing their magic in a Labor state

Vicforests claim this is sustainable logging  


Queensland (Qld)

Queensland, another Labor state working on completing extinctionsThe controversial Adani mine project has begun land clearing operations on 450 ha of bushland, after the Labor state government and the federal coalition fast-tracked approval deadlines for its own agencies, even as Adani demanded the names of CSIRO scientists working on its submissions.More recently – Mining company Adani secretly sought to raid the Brisbane home of an activist to seize evidence but failed twice, court documents have revealed. Map of European ecocide in Australia
Pays not to upset the Labor Queensland government. You’ll be taken away by the Queensland Fixated Threat Assessment Centre (QFTAC) drugged and have your life, health and reputation destroyed before you can say “whistleblower“.

Western Australia (WA) and the Northern Territory (NT) – Also Labor

More of the same unchecked land clearing, as the comparative land clearing maps show.

Western Australia specialises in dryland salinity.

The NT is more into toxic waste in rivers and wetlands. Although they do have a penchant for burning the bush to a cinder, to thin it out and degrade for developers.

Labor, just like their LNP comrades, will continue to pay loggers to destroy our commonwealth and would never embarrass mining companies by asking them to repair the damage they have done. Most of these companies pay little or zero tax.

Why won’t Labor speak out against the LNP’s insane gas-led recovery? Maybe because Labor states were already planning to proceed with them.


Labor’s attack on the AUWU is symptomatic

Labor’s negative attitudes towards the unemployed are exemplified by their mocking cyber puppet Shanks.

Unlike professional politicians and self-absorbed former male models, unemployed people actually experience the hardships of deprivation and daily struggle.

We know about homelessness and working multiple dead-end jobs, often in toxic, racist and exploitative workplaces, as well as coping with a punitive “safety net” policed by predatory Job agencies, when our increasingly erratic employment stalls.

This takes a toll on mental and physical health and all the while, one is growing older in a society currently led by a sociopathic, faux-christian con-artist who spouts “If you have a go – You’ll get a go” – Until (of course) you can’t go anymore.

So here, at the bottom of the food-chain, we are less concerned with niceties when sparring on social media with people such as Mr Shanks and his faux-Labor comrades, who we see as complicit in a corrupt, racist, undemocratic and ecologically destructive system – that we all know – need not exist.

Having said that, while I will defend unwarranted attacks on our union, especially when they’re supported by a bunch of millionaires cosplaying as Social Democrats, I certainly don’t condone the types of online personal attacks that were (recently) associated with our union. I consider it essentially an own attack on our union.

Hopefully a lesson about reputational capital has been learned.

A new Comm’s person was appointed soon after these inappropriate messages were publicised, but naturally that was not enough for Shanks and his Labor cheer-squad.

Once again, I’d point to Friendly Jordies ~versus~ Australian Unemployed Workers’ Union if more detail about these inappropriate Tweets (without having to listen to Shanks’ hypocritical pontifications) is required.


Shanks decided to include the “Jordan Pedo posts” as he called them in the anti-AUWU VIDEO despite admitting he had no idea who sent them. My inquiries with AUWU members, etc… mostly met with the belief it was a QAnon type zealot or a troll making trouble.


Not sure why he bothered with the banner disclaimer when he verbally accuses the AUWU of posting them


However, given the hostile emotive tone and the political motivation involved in creating the anti-AUWU video, I believe it is more likely that this was a ruse cooked up by Shanks and/or some Labor apparatchiks.

Shanks’ request to groups working with the AUWU, to cut ties with them (narcissists tend to overestimate their influence) demonstrates Shanks is a vicious piece-of-work. It’s not enough to attempt to hurt and discredit, he wants to destroy the AUWU.

What a shocking power imbalance. A YouTuber who has over half a million followers on social media, utilising multiple social-media platforms at the behest of a rich and influential ALP/ACTU clique, to attack advocates for the unemployed, who are themselves unemployed.

For the record: I have requested that the AUWU refrain from using Jordan Shanks in any future promotions and I would urge other union’s members to make similar requests to the ACTU. Indeed, why would any progressive organisation want to attach their values to Mr Shanks’ egotistical, bullying, misogynistic, racist and cruel persona?


Another SHAM venture in the making

This narcissistic bully has even set himself up as some sort of self-help expert, “After reading over 300 self help books, Jordan Shanks (Friendlyjordies) has condensed the best from hundreds of authors who have already condensed the wisdom of thousands of years of thought and research on personal development.” source

Obviously, given the personality disorders he displays, it was a total waste of time, unless of course, learning the jargon associated with the Self Help Actualisation Movement (SHAM) to make more money from gullible people was his main goal. 

Shanks is a a big fanboy of American capitalist self-help guru Tony Robbins who has helped himself to a vast fortune in the SHAM business. Robbins charges people up to $80,000 to attend his one-on-one seminars and has strong ties with the military. A guru with a gun.

Another source of revenue from conning people, needing little expenditure? Self-help maven? Are we seeing a pattern emerge? Shanks probably sees politics as a future goal too – for similar reasons.


It might interest Shanks to know, that a real Australian comedian has distilled wisdom from thousands of years of philosopher’s and personal development sage’s experiences into a concisely worded script that seems almost designed for him.


Jordan Shanks – Labor’s classist, uncaring voice in full cry

These childishly insulting posts from Mr Shanks were so bad, at first I thought they were put out by a fake account – but no this is Labor’s sock-puppet demonstrating that all his outrage about the AUWU and their “inappropriate behaviour” was performatively contrived – not genuine.

The woman he is insulting in this puerile manner is Helen Razer.




An arrogant no-talent like Shanks adopting a patronising tone with someone of Helen’s intellectual and literary stature was painful to watch.

His “Too busy feeling sad to do any research?” indicates, he’s well aware of Helen’s battle with depression.

Helen was hospitalised for a time with “brain lice” so Shanks who I’ve previously (and accurately) described as a “vicious piece-of-work” decided this was his avenue to causing her harm.

Despite the warnings to cease and desist – in the name of common human decency – as is his wont, Shanks doubled up.



Have to say, a con-artist without the smarts to realise the performance continues even after the movie camera shuts off, is just the sort of loose cannon the Labor party deserve.

How proud Labor’s social services, women’s and mental health advocates must feel, seeing who the ALP/ACTU believe represents Labor values.

When he posed on a throne in a recent video with two women kneeling submissively before him, it was amusing to see some Labor commentators trying to distance Shanks’ actions from the Labor party.

Nah, he’s all yours comrades.



– Mick Lawless 19 September 2020

Continues from – Labor sic their pet attack dog Jordan Shanks (friendlyjordies) onto the unruly AUWU untermenschen


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