Money for mates at any cost

The gradual privatisation of Centrelink has meant that the unemployed have become a source of revenue for companies associated with the LNP. Service has diminished as the bottom-line and not the unemployed is the over-riding priority.

A common result of privatisation, ignored by Morrison’s government and mainstream media, for ideological and financial reasons.

Robodebt, an automated debt recovery system, has been targeting people considered at risk by Centrelink.

812 of the 2,030 people who died after receiving robodebts were in this category. Despite the rhetoric from government about preventing suicides, robodebt is clearly increasing stress and hardship.

To add insult to injury, there are doubts about whether Robodebt is even lawful in the way it operates.

Image from LSJ Law Society Journal

Work For the Dole schemes are yet another punishment for the unemployed, which achieve little and just add to the stress of unemployment. In all these deliberate plans to punish and marginalise the unemployed, none fare worse than Aboriginal people.

A recent speech from Morrison on reducing suicide was met with massive disdain and hostility on social media. His hypocrisy and cruelty to his fellow Australians only underlined by his patently fraudulent concern.



Coronial statistics. The majority (~55%) of suicides are people who are unemployed. 68.2% of women who committed suicide, were unemployed. Source

To compound the injustice of punishing the unemployed in a country where 17 jobless people must vie for one job, Morrison’s government are rolling out the Indue card to further marginalise the unemployed and (you guessed it) to make money for their mates.

“Indue Pty Ltd, the corporation awarded the contract to manage the Welfare Card programme and to operate its underlying systems, is a corporation owned by Liberal and National Party members and that donates to various Liberal and National Party branches around Australia.” AIMN

There is nothing Christian about stigmatising welfare recipients and increasing their hardship, particularly to enrich your mates and party.

Article on Ms Rayne’s plight (Kalgoorlie, WA) – Picked up by the UK press.

Welfare advocates ACOSS, (PDF) St Vinnies and essentially anyone with an ounce of compassion are opposed to this scheme.

What would Jesus do?

Morrison refuses to consider raising the Newstart allowance continually stating, “The best form of welfare is a job”, even though Newstart Allowance has not risen in real terms for 25 years. If you were paying $150 a week rent for a cheap place to live back then, you might be paying more than $300 now.

Rent bonds, public transport, food, fuel, power, child care, school fees, politician’s pay-rises, etc… have all continued to rise, but the dole remains the same, ensuring a progressively harder life for those trapped on it.

Morrison who is rarely challenged by our compliant MSM repeatedly lies, bullies and blusters, when debating issues. Lying about Australia’s world-beating unemployment safety net, how well the economy is going and welfare recipient entitlements are just par for the course.


Were he a Christian, he would heed Proverbs 12:22 which states, “Lying lips are an abomination to the Lord; but they that deal truly are His delight.” *



Socialism gone mild

Our LNP government are being shamed (well politically at least) on the issue of raising the dole and easing punitive measures against the unemployed, by political parties with no self-proclaimed Christian leader and no overwhelming Judeo-Christian ethos.

Greens Senator Rachel Siewert must take credit for performing the role one normally expects from a Labour opposition.



The Australian Labor Party (ALP) historically an opposition party to the LNP, have been obligingly useless on the issue of bolstering conditions for our most vulnerable people and protecting what remains of our fragile ecosystems.

Initially a progressive worker’s party, they have abandoned Socialism for Neo-liberal apologism, a role they seem to be relishing.

Albanese the new Labor baker leader had this to say about Labor’s economic stratagem, “Unless we are growing the pie then sharing it becomes a case of diminishing returns.”

So if we want more crumbs from the rich man’s table we need to give those rich men (and Gina) a bigger pie?

A pie that consists of our worker’s sweat and blood and rapidly diminishing ecosystems?


“Mr Albanese has declared the ALP must revamp its economic principles, reconnect with people of faith and admit campaign “mistakes” on retirees and franking credits.”


Essentially, pander to the religious right and a greedy rich minority while expunging the major social democratic policies Labor brought to the table in the last Federal election.

Labor’s capitulations and moral cowardice since the election are an insult to their members and followers.

Insert: Labor vote with LNP to deny Australia’s drought is caused by Climate Change. Seriously I can’t keep up. Labor are anti-science now? Well that should please the religious right.

Further update: (Please Labor let me finish this article) – Senior Labor figures including Anthony Albanese argued against anti-corruption watchdog. Maybe a media beat-up? Perhaps rancor at Labor going it alone in discrediting themselves?



Punishing the poor is LNP policy

Job creation schemes that could have tackled Global Warming, such as reforestation and massive hemp plantings have no chance of emerging under the corruption and faux Christianity of a Morrison government.

Whereas globally unpopular coal mines such as Adani, new prisons, fracking and shonky defence acquisitions, will continue to thrive, as they fulfill the ideological and financial aims favoured by Morrison and his greedy cronies. Billions in wasted monies and resources that should have been used to build a far better Australia.

Once again, with 17 people applying for the one job it seems clear (to paraphrase JC) that “the unemployed will always be with us”, especially when the pool of unemployed is a deliberate and desirable result of government policy emanating from the bad old days of Malcolm Fraser’s razor gang.

“The whole rationale is rooted within maintaining an economy for the benefit of the rich – maximising profits through a supply of cheaply hired, desperate workers, and all under the pretext of fighting “inflation”.” (Source)

Morrison is a disciple of an aberrant materialistic religion that dovetails neatly with his conservative government’s Neo-liberalism. A government which believes a pool of unemployed is essential to maintain the profits of the super-rich.

Were that not enough to inspire disgust for these overpaid and under-worked parasites, the fact that they seek to punish and profit from the unemployed should.

Scott Morrison is a liar, wrapped in a con-artist, inside a hypocrite.**



Unemployed? Need assistance with dole matters? Info?

Robodebt help




*I’m an Atheist. A former altar boy, with enough theological knowledge to spot hypocrisy.

**Invoking my inner Winnie Churchill